Safe and Effective Winter Exercise

Winter comes as a challenge for people who work out. The cold requires special care to be taken while exercising. Here are some tips to be kept in mind while exercising in winter. Wear Proper Clothing Wearing proper clothing is one of the prerequisites of good winter...

The Downside to Marathon Running

Have you been exercising and eating right? Are you in the best shape of your life and are now looking for that next big challenge? Is this the year that you have decided to test your limits and run a marathon? It is great that you are taking your health and fitness...

History of Exercise

The history of exercise dates back to the birth of humankind, though earlier humans might not have realized that they were indeed exercising, when running for their lives from wooly mammoths. In and around 400 BC, Hippocrates famously mentioned about exercise,...
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What Are The Areas Of Your ife You Want
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