how you doing i’m with nate dean at the fitness  joint and she’s a personal trainer she’s going to give you advice on what she feels are the three  best exercises to do so if you’re a beginner if you’re an advanced person that everybody does  these exercises they’re going to be great for fat loss they’re going to be great for building muscle  they’re going to be great for just your overall approach to fitness so nadine i want you to share  with me and all the people watching what are your three favorite exercises well first before  you do that tell us a little bit about you in the fitness joint well um i’ve been owner  of the fitness joint for seven years now i started at a small actually it’s medium-sized  mma gym it’s tempting called arizona combat sports uh i started i southeast from there and i trained  college students at first because i was very close to university eventually reached out to friends  and family well how did you first get in the fitness industry oh well i was working a corporate  job and i really couldn’t take it anymore so in the middle of the staff meeting i decided  to quit i pulled my my boss over and i said i can’t do this you don’t have the energy  so what were you doing what were you doing  for avon oh for about yeah so you were like makeup  nails yeah i hardly wore makeup and i never did my nails but yeah that’s fascinating okay so  basically you’re selling stuff that you don’t use obviously you’re not passionate about it no so  what got you into fitness though like why did you take the jump into fitness were you already like  in amazing shape and training or okay all right well some people are that lucky the truth is is  that i was not in a reasonable shape and uh after college i was out of shape that got a trainer  got great results continued to work out on my own so um the whole whole my whole career from  teaching to now i was always working out and you know actually treating me what do you mean  what do you mean teaching i was a kindergarten teacher oh you’re a kindergartner teacher and  sex so you’re a kindergarten teacher and a salesperson for avon uh no i was a kindergarten  teacher did you go door-to-door with avon no i was a corporate employee so i had  to train the representatives to do that just shows you how little i know about avon  sales i did get the makeup thing right there you don’t should use your hair products yeah i know  maybe maybe occasionally right you got me there um so all right with avon you’re also a  teacher for kindergarteners uh and that did they motivate you to stay in shape kindergarten  i actually taught them how to work out like how well okay so they had to learn the alphabet  and the letters so let’s say s is for squats squats and then we’d do squats  make the sound they would stutter  yeah and so we were teaching these kid  and our gardeners changed their life by doing the alphabet like is that not so awesome the  district came and recorded one of my classes like can you imagine if your teacher taught you about  health and fitness at a kindergartner level like how much how would a dramatic change that would  be in your life i’m like i wish i had somebody like that as a kindergartner because i was i was  a little on the chunky side were you uh i was and so yeah oh remarkable miracles can happen  right anything is possible yes so obviously so now you had a trainer you were in shape but  avon was not kind of important kindergarten teaching was not about it for you but what’s  funny is that i i went into teaching and then i went into sales and and then i taught women how  to build their businesses and it kind of was like i at the staff meeting i was like okay i’m gonna  be happy i’m gonna start my own business i’m gonna be a trainer that it just looks like boom like i  mean i’ve always had the passion for fitness and like i worked out with people and treating people  on the side not not not for like a real job but i was like no not for money no you just did it i was  like let’s go i’m like oh cool awesome so then i quit my job got my certification nasm and i that  was seven years ago and now i have my own gym so i can do it anybody can do it i can get  a machine anybody can initiate anybody so how’s that for motivation so school  teacher sales person to a business owner to transforming their body and getting the amazing  shape i’m sure if you check out her instagram or her website you could probably see some of  those photos oh yeah have you competed right i did compete i loved competing um i’m the  type of person that like if i set a goal i like to like smash it so um competing was  definitely a way to do that um but it’s not something that i’m super passionate about to do on  a consistent basis um however i definitely think it was a great experience and if anyone wanted to  do it i would highly recommend giving it a shot awesome yeah all right so we kind of went on  a tangent yeah obviously we know a lot more about nadine so now what are the three exercises  that you would recommend that would transform everybody’s life if they just stuck to it on  a regular basis like three times a week and in the 8 to 12 rep range on anywhere from three to  five six sets okay i kind of want to go back to there it was really showing i’m kidding my three  favorite exercises i’m going to tell you right now first for the legs is hip dress 100 percent  hip frost it’s easy on the knees um it can it can kind of string the lower back a little if  you don’t have the right form but it’s mostly safe for everyone so squats and lunges are also  common like common for life okay so hip thrust what are your primary muscles you’re working  what are you getting most out of that the glutes a little hamstring and sometimes  the quads and your core and a little lower back and we know only those we know right  when you add a lot of weight it’s best for weight loss muscle gain and so forth so don’t go  easy on any of these exercises so maximize your weight within that 8 to 12 rep range where it’s  essentially going to failure that means if you start to lose form and start to but push yourself  each time if you’re a beginner start slow build up and then understand your body more but so we got  hip thrusts predominantly okay and obviously you can check out some of her videos doing hip thrust  i’m sure she does it for days there’s a lot of hip fresh content on my on my social media so you’ll  be good you’ll find something trust me um the next one is pull-ups pull-ups are absolutely necessary  you work your upper body you work your core and who doesn’t want to have a sexy back i mean  let’s be real pull up so hard what do you do if you can’t do pull-ups well in this fancy  gym i have a assistive pull-up machine which it helps and helps you uh okay but what if you don’t  have an assisted pull-up machine you could get uh handlebars uh pull-up wires for your door in  a band and do it yourself at home which is you know maybe not for beginners but you can do it at  home and you would need an exercise band with the right resistance but if you needed like help more  than that you could always come see me of course you can hire that or you could probably do what’s  called a horizontal row so you lower the bar and then you pull that to your chest so you’re  not pulling up the full weight of yourself kind of like an assisted pull-up but  it’s like you can use trx bands you can use other bands and you can do just what’s  called a horizontal row which is essentially a pull-up and if you can only do 10 or 12 reps  of those eventually you build up and make it more challenging by going more vertical until you  can do pull-ups which are an amazing exercise  depending on on your form and how you position  your body it’s it’s a butt kicker that’s a great one i’ve seen a lot of you mentioned you got it  well it’s basically pull ups just modified version kind of like push-ups on your knees versus full  push-up that’s right so forth all you’re doing is subtracting weight from your body so therefore  makes that exercise effective all right so now what’s the third exercise that you would you  would add in there okay honestly jump rope um jump roping for me is totally necessary you can do it  start off with a couple minutes a day go up to three go up to five and it is such good cardio so  cardio is awesome but i think that’s another video all right we’re talking about something that’s  going to build muscle get your body in shape so obviously you got the posterior chain and even  quads hamstrings and glutes with the hip thrust you got the back uh all the back basically  with pull-ups so what’s the third exercise bicep curled across bicep curl depressed yeah by  step right across because you have two muscles you’re killing with one exercise and he doesn’t  want to maximize the time in the gym plus it’s super effective there you go more muscles you  move the more body parts you move the better fat loss you have the more muscle gain a lot of  times people will pick push-ups but i love that you picked uh bicep curl the press it’s obviously  probably great for women that may have enhanced things in their life so it obviously doesn’t  challenge their chest as much uh so a bicep curl depressed so again those three exercises  are hip thrust stress pull ups pull ups bicep curl across press so if you just do those alone  three times a week for about anywhere from one set to six sets obviously the more advanced you are  you do on the higher setting and then within that 10 to 12 rep range if you’re a very beginner just  start with one set if you’re sore after that then just stick with one set if you’re not sore then  add another set and if you’re store at two then then add an or not sora two then add another set  i think you get where you’re going but obviously you can hire nadine online or offline you can come  to our beautiful studio here in scottsdale arizona oh south of scottsdale very important to just  distinguish nothing no not basically what so the cross streets are roughly i would say anything  past like cross streets no what are your questions about nate all right roosevelt and hayden right  yeah roosevelt and hayden in south scottsdale if you want a great workout you want to also  learn how to do those three amazing exercises head up nadine and hopefully this helps you get  in better shape and motivates you and inspires you to get your tail moving yes right what  is the last thing you’d say to somebody to motivate them to start working out or  get a better program to get better results it’s never too late to start it’s okay to ask  for help there’s so many resources and here at the fitness joint we provide a free session  for you so you can see and you can learn in and all the ways that you can get into  shape that you may not know right now all right awesome so you heard it there  so obviously she’s promoting herself so as a business owner uh give her a call  if you want otherwise you can click the link below you can get some free workouts all  that great stuff uh keep watching thanks bye