Many of us crave having the six pack abs we find so sexy on others. We yearn to strut with the confidence of a firm and perfectly toned mid-section, oozing with sexual magnetism, but some of us fear that the tight, sexy abs we long to have are not possible given our body types. You have to be blessed with an athletic and near perfect body to begin with to achieve such a delicious state of abs, is a common misconception. Actually there are very few people who have been blessed with such perfect genes that they do not have to work out to maintain their perfect bodies. The majority of us have to eat right and exercise with desire and commitment to get perfectly fit and beautiful bodies with delicious abs. Utilizing the most "ablicious" fitness tools available will help you get the fit and sexy body you want faster and easier than trying to get your body there without them.


The Ab Slider is an example of an ablicious fitness tool that helps isolate the muscles of the abdomen for targeted workouts that produce greater results in the firming and toning of your soon to be sexy six pack abs in less time and with a truly fun to use piece of exercise equipment. Much of the other exercise equipment that is out there and promises to produce rock hard abs are either cumbersome contraptions or fitness equipment you quickly become bored with. This will not happen with the Ab Slider, and especially since you can feel your abs tightening and becoming firmer with the first use of this ablicious fitness tool.


Now of course you cannot spend all of your workout time using just one piece of fitness equipment regardless of how great it is and the Ab Slider is definitely a fantastic piece of fitness equipment. However the surest way to keep your motivation level high is to change your workouts with the use of equally ablicious fitness tools. Take the Ab Wheel for example, made with plastic molded discs, a double wheel for more stability and less risk of injury, and handles made out of a steel rod for durability and fitted with comfortable no slip hand grips. The Ab Wheel works and strengthens the abs, back, shoulders, and arms while also trimming excess inches off of your waist. You should consider possibly adding the Ab Wheel to your fitness collection as well.


The Dual Exercise Wheel is another truly ablicious fitness tool. It has dual wheels for greater stability and provides for an eight in one powerful workout. The Dual Exercise Wheel works the upper and lower abdominal muscles, back, chest, shoulders, and arms achieving super results with less than five minutes of use every day. You can grab this and get in a good workout during a commercial break from your favorite television program. Sturdily constructed for safety and for years of use, it even includes foam handles to help you keep a firm grip as you roll your way to a super fit and toned body


The Two Way Action Exercise Wheel is another fabulously ablicious fitness tool. The center axle is not quite centered which is the genius behind the design of this fantastic ab and body toning fitness machine, because the axle is slightly off kilter you will move up and down even as you push forward for a truly unique workout that sure beats the doldrums on those days when your motivation for exercising was not all that high to begin with. With your purchase of the Two Way Action Exercise Wheel you will be provided with illustrated instructions for eight different exercises to gain even more results.


The aforementioned ablicious fitness tools are each compact enough for easy storage and also for taking with you while traveling so your workouts are not interrupted by business or while vacationing. Become one of the owners of the super hard abs that others find so sexy and are secretly green with envy over, with your own collection of ablicious fitness tools. If you want competitive level abs you might consider purchasing some real Mac Daddy abdominal machines for in home use.