As you all may know I’m huge internet marketing geek.  I even have a entire internet marketing company:, but i’m not here to promote my company.  I’m here to tell you about a sweet place to get some videos created for  you to better help yourself promote your business on the web.  As you may or may not know Video Marketing is a great piece to promoting yourself, business, or product on the web.  Videos can help you sell more of your services and products by allowing  your customers to get to know you better, relate with you, as well as promote you.

Well to cut to the chase I have came across a website called Animoto which is free if you want to create 30 second videos. Animoto will do the editing and all the hard work to video production.  All you have to do is upload pictures, videos, sound.  Though Animoto will even provide sound for you if you need it for your videos. It’s really a time saver and a great website to help you with creating videos. It’s free to get started. Create and share unlimited 30-second videos for free. If you want more than 30 seconds? You can upgrade to All Access for only $30/year and create unlimited, full-length videos. Or, purchase a full-length video credit for $3.

I personally have been using a program called camtasia which is a great program to film and create videos. it’s simple it’s easy and you can record on screen actions. Though the downside is you do the editing which can be quite time consuming. The upside is you have more control.

Check out Animoto to start producing more videos for your website, blog, and promotional material.

Always trying to help you become more successful online. Video marketing is a great way to increase your business. So check this site out.

best, Scott White