cute chubby babySuper Fat Loss Tip: Move your body. Start Today.

Look at a baby who can’t walk yet they tend to have what’s called baby fat. If you notice once their able to crawl they lose the baby fat almost immediately. You wonder why? It’s Because the move and their metabolism goes through the roof. They get hungrier because they move. If you feed them the right food they get strong, healthy, and feel great. If you don’t they get pack on the weight just like the parents who don’t move do as well.

Change the cycle eat healthy, move and be a role model for your kids. If you can’t do it for yourself do it for your kids or soon to be children so you create good habits in them.

People who get out of college and go to a desk job notice the opposite. As soon as they go form a little movement to no movement they start packing on their fat. No it’s not as cute as a chubby child.

Be Healthy, Be an Example for others, and Be Amazing.

Believe in yourself we do.

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