The human body is made of numerous organs and parts. These organs and parts are in turn made up of different tissues and cells which are further made of sixteen chemical elements. Though there has always been lots of research made in the medical and dental field in various subjects, little research has been done about degenerative diseases.


Keeping this in mind, Dr. Melvin E. Page set about writing the book, Body Chemistry In Health and Disease, so that people will be more aware of the body chemistry that exists in human bodies. Dr. Page has forty years of experience where he has devoted much of his time in the study and the application of the minerals, phosphorus and calcium that exists in the blood. With this experience, he found himself in a field that was way beyond dentistry and was not in the field of medicine. And it is here that he found out how to combat degenerative tissues. Dr. Page named all of his investigations, body chemistry.


He discusses the fact that the imbalance of the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the blood generally leads to glandular imbalance. This is more so to the parathyroid glands which can lead to long term health deterioration. He explains the fact that through research, it has been found that a high ratio of phosphorus to calcium leads to the sensitization of the body. It also increases the inflammatory tendencies in the body.


The imbalance of the minerals calcium and phosphorus is influenced by the food that is consumed. He explains that eating food high in phosphorus and low in calcium leads to over acidity. This in turn leads to a depletion of the level of calcium in the body and this is what leads to inflammations. However, too little of phosphorus also affect the body chemistry and is indicated with cancer and leukemia. Dr. Page indicates that it is better to take calcium supplements and calcium rich food with foods or oils before having meals.


So it can be seen that the book, Body Chemistry In Health and Disease is a book worth reading if you intend to find out more about the effects of the imbalance of minerals in the body. You can learn about the body chemistry that exists in the body, and its influence in degenerative diseases. Dr. Page aims at creating awareness in people of the existence of body chemistry in humans between the different minerals of the body. Many people are not aware of the degenerative diseases that occur with the imbalance of minerals and body chemistry. It is this awareness that Dr. Page aims at developing in the minds of people through his book, Body Chemistry in Health and Disease.