Dieting has become an integral part of everyone’s lives, so as to maintain a healthy body and clear mind. However, on reading Charles Hunt’s Diet Evolution, it is interesting to learn that not all diets suit all body types. In fact, the notion of low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets working for everyone may sometimes cause people to gain weight instead. In his book, Charles Hunt has painstakingly shown that different bodies are designed for different foods and which food is best eaten to reduce weight.


You can find more than 200 delicious recipes in Charles Hunt’s book spread over 196 pages. There is no shortage of dishes to choose from to help you reduce your weight. In fact, this book is well suited for use by people who have any number of medical conditions and find it difficult to reduce weight. There are diets in the book that help not only in the reduction of weight, but also guide a person to lowering their triglycerides and cholesterol levels.


People who are hypertensive, lethargic, have menopausal problems, PMS and depression all benefit by adapting one of the many diets that Charles Hunt discusses. And of course, people with diabetes and hypoglycemia are not left behind and have many diets that are well suited for their specific needs.


Charles Hunt’s Diet Evolution is also great for use by people who are overwhelmed by the different nutritional and biochemical information that is available around us like Protein Power and the Zone. This is because the book describes what has to be done, and how to get started on utilizing this information.  


As Charles Hunt’s Diet Evolution is a rather concise book, it is the best choice for the person interested in dieting, but does not have the time or patience to look through a large book. This is a book that can be considered to be short, sweet and right to the point of dieting. You can also consider this book to be a great source of inspiration when you have a look at his picture found in the book. He has a great physique that exudes sex appeal with a fine and fit body.


On reading his book, people who don’t have time or don’t have the knowledge of using the internet for tasty recipes will find this book a real help in the kitchen. To conclude, everyone who is interested in dieting, cooking and overall health will find Charles Hunt’s Diet Evolution a book worth investing in and reading.