The human body needs many vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. Though everyone knows the functions and sources of the various vitamins in the body, not everyone knows the benefits that can be derived from different vitamins. Keeping this in mind, Lendon H. Smith has rewritten Fred Klenner’s book, Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C, which has in the process, influenced many lives.


Fred Klenner has provided all the necessary information on the effects of Vitamin C in solving diseases like polio, herpes, MS, hepatitis C, myasthenia gravis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other health conditions that are not curable. This book is genuinely a priceless reference tool that provides the necessary information for different protocols. The Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C is a 67 page soft cover book that should be shared, keeping an open mind.


Lendon Smith reminds readers that fresh fruit was used as a cure for scurvy in 1753; however this fact was ignored for about 100 years. And it was due to this that thousands of people died of scurvy. And it was Frederick R. Klenner who started using Vitamin C in the early 1940’s, using his theory of the therapeutic properties of Vitamin C, Dr. Klenner managed to successfully treat measles, polio, mumps, chicken pox and tetanus by administering huge doses of vitamin C to the afflicted patients.


With the successful treatment of these conditions, Dr. Klenner conducted extensive studies and research to find many more diseases that can be treated by administering huge doses of Vitamin C. These health conditions included pneumonia, herpes simplex, encephalitis, herpes zoster and mononucleosis. Other diseases that proved to be cured with huge doses of Vitamin C are hepatitis, bladder infection, arthritis, pancreatitis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and alcoholism.


Dr. Klenner also found out, and proved that some forms of cancer, atherosclerosis, leukemia, high cholesterol and ruptured intervertebral discs, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, diabetes, schizophrenia and burns and secondary infections are other conditions that see lots of improvement with Vitamin C. In addition to all of this, Dr. Klenner also proved that radiation burns, venomous bites, heat stroke, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, heavy metal poisoning and complications with surgery are also helped with Vitamin C.


Armed with such a long list of health conditions, Dr. Klenner set about investigating to gather proof for his findings. And to do this, he administered Vitamin C as a therapy for family practices for the past forty years. Doing this, he wrote two dozen medical papers on this subject stating that there are some physicians that prefer standing by and seeing their patients die, instead of only using Vitamin C, as they consider it only a vitamin and not a cure for many diseases.