We all practice healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and balanced meals constitute the secret to a healthy lifestyle. However, besides all of this, it is also necessary to have a good body chemistry as this is actually the door that leads to perfect health.


Dr. Melvin E. Page defines in his book, Degeneration Regeneration that it is important to strive to make your body a healthy and good place to live in. Efforts should be put into delaying the aging process. And in the process, most of the degenerative changes should be put to a stop and reversed to produce regenerative changes.


In relation to all of this, Dr. Page has conducted extensive research on the problems of the balance of calcium-phosphorus in the body in relation to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. He has also done lots of research on the role of trace minerals in the body, the endocrine patterns that exist in the body and the sugar metabolism of the body. Dr. Page is of the impression that all of this information has to be read, and given the required attention by dentists, physicians and the general public.


In his 280 page book, Degeneration Regeneration, Dr. Page describes that it is possible for a person to live up to 100 years old with the right eating habits. He reminds us that about 100 pounds of dangerous drugs is consumed in a year through cakes, cookies and coffee. Though it is suggested to drink milk, he reminds us that it is important not to drink too much of milk as this proves to be degenerative at times.


To write his book Degeneration Regeneration, Dr. Page developed a system of body measurements wherein he determines the inherited glandular pattern of his body. On measuring and comparing thousands of patients, he could correlate numerous glandular patterns for different degenerative diseases. With this research, he found that there are some deviations from a glandular pattern. However, these deviations are nothing to worry about; however, slight deviations still produced great effects on one’s health.


On reading the book, Degeneration Regeneration, you will receive lots of startling information on the body chemistry, health and nutrition values of your body. You learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the lifestyle you lead. This is a book that is meant for both people who know how healthy they are, and for those who don’t know how healthy they are. With the facts of this book, you learn to maintain the good health your body deserves.


So it can be seen that this is a book that is very informative to those striving to have a healthy lifestyle with as little degenerative diseases as possible.