Healthy eating is the talk of the town these days. People are always on the lookout for tips for making the best of their health through diet and exercise. Though there are many books and classes around for people to read and attend to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are still some people who don’t have the patience to read a book or the time to attend classes. So keeping this in mind, David J. Getoff set about recording a DVD with tips and recipes for salad dressings to lead a healthy life.


The Delicious, Healthy Salad Dressings is a DVD where David teaches you through his demonstrations, the secret to a variety of different dressings. All you have to do to come up with these dressings is to spend a few minutes in the kitchen with a blender. You are sure to come up with numerous dressings that can be used in salads, meats, vegetables and numerous other dishes.


One of the most important secrets to a great dressing is the capacity of adding the right amount of spice and seasoning to the dressing. So this is exactly what David teaches in the DVD, in the simplest ways possible. To help you get tastes similar to the dressings David produces, he even discloses the companies he purchases all of his spices from. You will see that the recipes that are found on this video are written clearly, which can be accessed from the main menu.


The main reason David set about creating this DVD is because he has been looking around for the perfect, safe dressing over the last ten years. However, most of the healthy salad dressings available in health food stores usually have some unhealthy ingredients like different sugars, MSG, Canola Oil, cottonseed oil, some chemicals or soy oil. All of these foods are not advised for those on a healthy diet. David had in fact approached the manufacturers of these dressings asking them why extra virgin olive oil was not used or why oils were not bought from the manufacturers who confirmed that their cold pressing process is of a low temperature. The answer to this was that these steps proved to be too expensive for them!


So with the aim of helping those needing healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, David created this simple, instructional video wherein you can create your own healthy salad, and other food dressings in the comfort of your home.