The world is full of diseases today. Plastic is used for packing foods and beverages, and these plastic containers tend to leach into the foods they pack. And once they start leaching, the body’s hormone receptors become damaged. With this, there is weight loss, loss of energy and a decreased sex drive, that may lead to cancers of the prostrate, thyroid and breast.


It can be said that it is basically the accumulation of toxins that bring about the many diseases; and with a bid to educate people about this, Dr. Sherry A. Rogers set about writing the book Detoxify or Die. She defines the fact that the cadmium that accumulates from seafood, auto and incinerator exhausts and dental work all tend to lead to osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis, kidney disease, hip pain, cancer, chronic fatigue and damage to your eyesight.


In addition to all of this, you learn that the arsenic that is found in cigarettes, paints, pesticides and porcelain dental work can lead to painful burning skin irritations, heart disease leading to arrhymia or congestive heart failure, bloody colitis, weakness or paralysis, numerous forms of cancer and anemia. This is the perfect book to be read if you know someone that seems to be dying from mystery symptoms that leave physicians baffled.


The 409 pages of Detoxify or Die also entails that mercury leads to depression, ALS, MS, neuropathy, thyroiditis, chronic fatigue or leukemia. Not only does Dr. Sherry describe all of the possible diseases that arise with an accumulation of toxins in the body, she also describes the one single and positive means of reversing the disease process, and thus slow down the process of aging.


The solutions Dr. Sherry offers for detoxification here are rather easy to do, and rather cheap. There is the "detox cocktail," which is cheap and a sauna called FIR that leads to detoxification, with a higher cost. She describes the means of coping with toxins that begin from metals that are heavy to mega-chemicals and to endocrine mimics. And to prove her point, Dr. Sherry follows on as many references as possible; so you know that she is well aware of what she is trying to say.


Dr. Sherry points out that today it is the younger generation that is piling up toxins faster than their elders because of a less healthy environment. She even points out that Eskimo mothers find that their milk is filled with toxins which leads to the toxification of their babies. The only thing to do it to detoxify oneself; and this is best done through sweating yourself in a sauna. So it can be seen that with the right knowledge of what causes this toxin accumulation, and what to avoid, you are sure to able to fight the toxic battle. And it is exactly this that is described in the book; and gives it all the more reason to read the book, Detoxify or Die.