Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program, written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, is a book that has 150 delicious recipes that are grain free and proven to prevent diseases and help one live longer. The book helps to optimize your weight by following a proven metabolic type plan that it is possible to reach these objectives.


After reading this book, you are taught to build the immune system of your body so that it reaches its peak levels. By reaching its peak levels, major diseases and common illnesses can be prevented. When aiming at optimizing one’s weight, one is usually forced to compensate on food and will not be permitted to eat whatever one wants to eat. However, Dr. Joseph Mercola discloses a program where you can reach your optimal weight by enjoying and getting satisfied by eating.


You are given advice on how it is possible to maximize the ability of your body in restoring a better youthful appearance. With this, it is possible to avoid any form of premature aging. On reading this book, you learn how to boost your daily energy, and improve your mental clarity through leaps and bounds. With this, you learn how to improve your emotional well being, and develop a clear outlook on life.


Dr. Joseph Mercola aims at helping you eliminate any underlying causes you may have if you are challenged by specific diseases or conditions like chronic fatigue, diabetes, allergies, heart problems and many other conditions. All of this is found in his 268 page book, Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program.  


Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program is divided into two parts – the program comprises the first part, and recipes for the program in the second part. In fact, Dr. Mercola’s program is so effective in helping weight loss that cases that were considered to be ‘lost cases’ by healthcare providers have lost weight and seen marked improvements in their health conditions. This program can help anyone and everybody in reaching an optimized weight, and improve in present health conditions.  


The second part of Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Cookbook and Program has new recipes, with lists of needed ingredients. You are guided on how to cook and are provided with the nutritional value of an individual recipe. Sometimes, you will find recipes that are really a merge of several recipes into a single recipe. You are also taught steps to fine tune or modify the recipe so that it is more appropriate for your metabolic type.


After reading this book, you will learn that all your diseases, weight issues and health problems will improve on the elimination of the amount of grains and sugar in your diet. You learn that one’s emotional health is related to the physical health of a person; and that with emotional health, it is easier to optimize weight, live longer and fight and prevent the diseases.