Dry It – You’ll Like It! is a classic book that was written by Gen Macmaniman. This is the right book if you are one of those people who believe in the wonderful benefits that lie in dehydrating and thereby preserving the nutrient value of all types of food. It is possible to preserve the nutrient value of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, desserts, seeds, grains, herbs, and pot cheeses.


Not only does Gen Macmaniman provide lots of interesting information on dehydrating, the author also provides valuable information on how to build your own dehydrator. By building your own dehydrator, it is possible to save lots of money that would have been needed to buy one. Of course, the greatest benefit of dehydrating food is that it increases food independence and provides instant food for people who are on the go. And in the meantime, by dehydrating food, lots of money is saved by buying food in bulk to be stored and preserved for future use.


Dry It – You’ll Like It! is only 75 pages long, and provides a complete overview on the know-how of drying foods. This is a book that is written in a friendly and personal manner where you feel that it is not printed, but instead, handwritten. You feel as if the author is speaking directly to you, and with its cute illustrations, the book is indeed very easy to read and understand.


If you look at the book in a content wise prerogative, you will find that there is not much content in the book. However, there are some interesting pieces of information here, like a recipe where you learn to make your own corn chips. On reading this book, you learn the tricks of drying different kinds of food, and all there is to learn about the basics of dehydrating in general.


After reading the 75 page book, Dry It – You Will Like It!, you learn why it is beneficial to dehydrate food, how to store dehydrated food and all the do’s and don’ts there are in the dehydration of food. Though there are 75 pages in this book, 14 of the pages are used to teach you how to build a dehydrator. So though this is not basically a big book, it is very useful.


There are some fantastic recipes in this book where you are taught how to use dehydrated food to create lovely dishes and deserts that are both delicious and nutritional. It is not difficult to try out these recipes as the ingredients for these recipes are generally ingredients that are available in the garden or grocery store. So it is up to you to try this book – Dry It – You Will Like It! -, as you are sure to like the book tremendously after using it!