Obesity is something that is on the rampage today. Everywhere you look you find obese people; this is mainly due to the full-fat foods available today, and the lifestyles they lead. So the book Eat Fat, Look Thin penned by Bruce Fife is a book that is considered to be excellent reading material for anyone struggling with their weight.


This 287 page book shows how it is possible to reduce your weight while enjoying rich foods. Bruce indicates how it is possible to reduce weight without having to undergo the hassles of calorie counting, watching your food portions or going hungry. This is all possible through his revolutionary, total-wellness program that helps you become slim and healthy with wholesome, natural foods and fats that are good for you. So this book is essential to those suffering from obesity, chronic fatigue and other health conditions.


Upon reading the book Eat Fat, Look Thin, many of the common myths associated with fats are exposed. It discloses the discovery of a wonderful low calorie fat, coconut oil. Low calorie fat has fewer calories when compared with all other fats. It also stimulates the metabolism process of your body which helps to burn up calories.


Through this book, you will learn how it is possible to reduce weight by consuming the safe fat. So with a good diet you learn how it is possible to shed all of that extra weight while enjoying all of the foods that you love. In the long run, you benefit with better health. The philosophy adapted here keeps you healthy and slim with the help of wholesome foods and the fats that promote health.


You learn that the secret to losing weight is by using coconut oil in your cooking. It is a known fact that the secret of losing weight is by burning calories. However, some people have a higher metabolic rate, and burn calories faster. However, those with slow metabolism benefit with coconut oil in their diet, as this is a fat that does not deposit on the body as fat.


This is a fat that immediately transforms to fat and gives you a burst of energy. So all of those people with a low metabolic rate can use coconut oil in their diet so as to burn calories faster and lose weight. In addition, coconut oil changes your taste to make you feel satisfied with what you have eaten. You don’t feel hungry in between meals with coconut oil and so the tendency to snack can also be reduced.


The book Eat Fat, Look Thin by Bruce Fife is not only good for those obese people out there, but also it is very useful for all of those who are suffering from diabetes, yeast infections, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, heart and circulatory problems and other health conditions.