Moving with the times, Dr. David J. Getoff, Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, decided on producing two DVDs running 3 hours, about the secrets to healthy eating in the 21st Century. His DVD, Eating for Optimum Health in the 21st Century, contains information that has never been taught by most medical doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.


In fact, upon watching this video, you will find that your life changes dramatically for the better. You will learn why people still die of diseases while leading healthy lifestyles. While watching this diet, you are instructed about the facts of fats, animal proteins, dairy, grains, sugars, soy products and many other food products.


In addition to the presentations of Mr. Getoff in his health courses that were recorded here, he has also included videos of Dr. Hall Huggins explaining the dangers related to teeth fillings of silver amalgam, video facts on childhood vaccines from the National Vaccine Information Center and a video with the hidden dangers water, toothpastes and foods have with a fluoride content.


In his DVD, Eating for Optimum Health in the 21st Century, Dr. Getoff explains that it is better to become a vegetarian. He identifies the different types of fats in our diet and the dangers different types of foods pose in our diet. He also explains the truth about stevia. To those diabetics out there, Dr. Getoff discloses the dangers related to aspartame while telling the truth about bread, pasta, soy foods and juices. He discusses whether dairy products and organic foods are advisable to eat.


Then he holds some comparisons between the different genetically modified foods like the different sources of protein and how they should be cooked. They compare the facts between butter and margarine and discuss if eggs are good or bad. Drinking water is good; but Dr. Getoff tells you the amount of water that has to be consumed and if the water should be bottled, filtered or distilled; while telling you which water filters are the best.


The DVD, Eating for Optimum Health in the 21st Century, also gives you information on what anti-oxidants are and on the actual health benefits sunlight holds for you. You learn why fluorescent lights are harmful for you and what exactly full-spectrum lighting is. Breathing fresh air is supposed to be good for your health. However, is it good for you if the fresh air that you breathe holds toxins? What are the consequences? You learn about the right filters and purifiers to use to eliminate toxins.


If anything can be done for the damage caused by vaccinations and the better choice of your cookware for healthy cooking. Dr. Getoff explains why it is better to restrict the use of microwave ovens and if the non-stick cooking coatings are actually okay for use. He discloses if you should take supplemental vitamins, and indicates the better brands while pointing out which vitamins are in the supplements. This is just some of the information you can get from the DVD – Eating for Optimum Health in the 21st Century. Watch it to learn much more about healthy living.



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Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century,  DVD

Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st century, DVD

David J. Getoff, CTN, CCN, FAAIM Naturopath & Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist