The book, Empty Harvest, by Dr. Bernard Jenson and Mark Anderson basically describes the link between the lack of minerals we find in crop soils and all modern day diseases that come associated with mineral deficiencies. These diseases are the diseases that tend to affect everyone’s life and ranges from diabetes, cancer and heart disease as well as many other diseases.


Empty Harvest is basically a combination of different contributions from the two authors where Dr. Bernard Jenson’s contributions are eloquent and impassioned with photographs clearly proving his ideas. The contributions made from Mark Anderson are more on the nutritional side with interesting historical background about nutrition and agricultural science and about corporations advertising bogus ideas.


Upon reading this book, you receive a detailed history about soil, and our civilization. You learn the various reasons for the degeneration of your health through modern day diseases and how it affects your body’s complex system. In fact, it is said that the 188-paged book, Empty Harvest, is compared to a wake up call that helps you change in all your destructive ways.


You find out how poor physical and mental health can dominate your health in the 21st century and beyond. They show how mankind is today destroying its future by robbing the earth of its life and support. You find the book full of facts, examples and research that supports old truths while taking you down the secret of detoxification, renewal and strengthening of the body as a solution for good health.


Empty Harvest suggests eating foods that are found grown in soils that are nutrient rich and then to take mineral supplements that are derived from organic sources. With this, you are sure to maintain optimum health. In fact, everyone who has read this book usually considers starting an organic diet as this is a diet that supports preventative health. This is because in organic farming, the farmer’s growing methods are revised to include replenishing of top soil and the elimination of toxic chemicals.


Dr. Bernard Jenson hopes to get people to work at undoing the damage that has been done to the planet and their health through enlightenment of the facts of modern society through his book, Empty Harvest. There is a connectivity that has been maintained between the quality of the soil, the harvest, the immune system and overall health. And this is displayed in this book through a level of holistic thinking relating the systems that creates personal and planetary health. In Empty Harvest  you learn about the necessary changes that have to be made to live a healthier lifestyle.