It is with the help of the many enzymes in your body that you digest your food and lead a healthy lifestyle. Without these enzymes in your body, it is very possible to develop digestive problems. And to give you a better understanding of the working of the enzymes in your body, Dr. Edward Howell, the father of food enzymes has written the book, Enzyme Nutrition.


It was during the 30’s and 40’s of the past century that Dr. Howell conducted extensive research with the intention to prove that enzymes are an important nutrient and that they are destroyed during cooking and processing. With this destruction, the digestion of food proves to be difficult. So on reading this book, Enzyme Nutrition, all conceptions you had about food, diseases, nutrition and digestion tend to change.


Those wondering how raw food diets generally benefit you should read this book as you will learn how a raw food diet can sometimes save a person’s life. Enzyme Nutrition is a scientific book that is not a manifesto or how-to book. The language of the book is easy wherein the common man can understand its content. In fact, the original unpublished book of the author, Dr. Edward Howell ran 700 pages and took him over 20 years to write. This present book is a condensed version of the matter that was found in the original book.


Enzyme Nutrition is a book that is great for those intending to eliminate obesity as it sets forth medical studies that take control and in the process, help you manage many health problems. This is because it helps you in making the right choices in your food and thus manages a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Howell was of the impression that the proteins found in enzymes are responsible for the vital energy in the body. This is why he referred to these energy carriers as the "enzyme potential." And according to his theory, we live with a limited lifetime supply of enzymes. He describes the importance of the consumption of foods having natural enzymes and how these molecules get destroyed by cooking, sterilizing and processing foods.


The book, Enzyme Nutrition, was written after extensive research by Dr. Howell. This is a book written by a physician who has dedicated all of his life to patient care and its research. It can be said that this is a book that is great for those interested in finding the value of unadulterated food when in a natural state. This is an important aspect for health maintenance and can be considered to be the ultimate weapon to be used to conquer diseases.