The latissimus dorsi muscles involve muscles at the side of the body, under the armpit and round the back. In addition the teres major muscle is known as the “little helper” of the latissimus dorsi.
Simply declared, the latissimus dorsi and teres major are both answerable for the motion, extension, internal rotation and thwartwise extension of the shoulder. The most familiar movement of the latissimus dorsi is the pull-up. I decision the ‘lats’ the ‘wings’ as a result of once you view them flexed, at the side and back, they check a bird’s wing.
With all these foam rolling exercises you’ll be able to modify the quantity of your time you pay on every area. As you perform the foam rolling exercises if you notice on side tighter then the other or a sore spot. By all means spend more time on that area or side. Foam rolling can’t hurt you if you do it right and more is typically better.

• Any size round foam roller will work, although a 36 inch one tends to work very well.
• First foam rolling Lat exercise, lay over the top of the foam roller on your side. position the foam roller under your armpit perpendicular to your body.
• Position your feet on the ground, keep legs bent for leverage. Extend your arm that side your laying on and the other arm resting on your side.
• Roll on your side in 2inch increments, from the armpit down to the hip.
• If you notice any tight/sore spot hold and spend more time roll off the sore spot to allow the blood to flow back in, then go back to the sore spot and apply pressure for as long as it takes. Remember to B-r-e-a-t-h-e Deep!

Lat Foam Roll 2
• Place your hands behind your head and lean more towards the center of your back.
• Roll from top to bottom, more on the back as opposed to the side.
• This will also workout other muscles in the back.

Lat Foam Roll 3

Start with the foam roller under your armpit and your knees bent.
• This time, keep your arm extended that is on the foam roller, and the other arm behind your head.
• Keep your lower leg straight in a side-lying position and your upper leg bent for stability.
• You can place the roller up higher or down from your armpit to hit more cross fibers.

Foam roller exercises and exercise stretches are a wonderful way to create space in your life by creating space in your body! The stretching metaphor is a powerful one for getting rid of the tension that no longer serves you, by creating the relaxation needed for renewal. With the relaxation, new energy for positive changes can be created.