Learn how to perform self myofascial release through foam roller exercises, and heal your body, mind and soul! Sore forearms and hands are body metaphors for how well you ‘handle things in your life!

• For these foam roller exercises you can use any size round foam roller.
• For the first foam roller exercise for the brachioradialis and wrist extensors, you can stand or sit by a table. Place the foam roller on the table, and place your arm out straight and perpendicular to the foam roller.
• Rotate your arm so that your thumb faces downward. Rotate it even farther if you can so the palm is up to the sky with your thumb toward the back.
• Place the foam roller on the fat part of the muscle just below the elbow.
• Roll back and forth along the entire length of your forearm, stopping at sore spots as needed.
• As you roll front and back, stop and stretch any sore areas for 10-20 seconds, roll off the sore spot to allow the blood to flow back in, then go back to the sore spot and apply pressure for another 10-20 seconds. B-r-e-a-t-h-e!
• For the second foam roller exercise for the brachioradialis and wrist extensors, you can perform the exact same movement, only now on the floor.
• This position may or may not be easier than on the table, for you. Pick the one that is easier.
• Kneel on the ground with your arm out perpendicular to your body and the foam roller.
• Use the opposite arm to push your upper body back and forth as you roll up and down the brachioradialis and wrist extensor muscles.
• For the third foam roller exercise, for the wrist flexors, also done on the floor, kneel on the ground with the foam roller in front of you.
• Place the roller under the bottom of your forearms, with your palms facing each other and thumbs up.
• Roll up and down the forearms. You can rotate the forearms in all directions to hit the flexors and the extensors as needed to hit any sore spots.

When you foam roll your muscles, you perform self myofascial release. Focus on the hot spots and muscle knots, or the areas that are sore. As you foam roll and you feel a sore area, hold the pressure on that spot for 20-30 seconds until the muscle releases. You may find that if you perform your foam roller exercises in a meditative fashion and meditate on the meaning of your sore muscles in your life, that as the muscle tension releases, so may your stored body emotions release.