Foam roller exercises for the groin muscles will increase your understanding of the body-mind affiliation and how well you’re holding it all together!
The adductor muscles of the hip are the muscles that are within your thighs. They are more commonly called the groin muscles and are simple to find. If you’re sitting, place your fingers within your thighs slightly below your pubic bone and squeeze your knees together. You can now feel the highest of the adductor muscles. Like most muscles, the adductors are literally a group of muscles, the adductor brevis, adductor longus and also the adductor magnus.
The hip adductor muscles are also instrumental in the stability of the hip joint and are responsible for the flowing and graceful deeper movements at the hip like those done in yoga. A lot of yoga and body-mind disciplines include the groin muscles in the muscles of the core. Other experts agree that any muscle that attaches to the trunk is part of the core. All the muscles of the thighs and pelvic floor that attach to the pelvis and the lower back are part of the core. Any muscles that attach to the ribs, the back or the shoulder, also consists of the core. Those muscles would include the abdominals, the lattissimus dorsi, the neck and all muscles of the upper arms and shoulder girdle.

• Place the foam roller parallel to the length of your body on the right side.
• Raise your upper body onto your elbows.
• Bend your right knee and place the foam roller under your knee with leg in bent position. I like to hook my foot on the inside of the foam roller for added stability.
• Roll up and down the inner thigh by shifting your weight from one elbow to the other.
• You can roll down towards the knee and really hit the head of the vastus medialis and sartorius as well.
• You can try this foam roller exercise standing up, placing the foam roller on a table. If you are tall, this may actually work better for you than rolling on the floor. I would recommend an 18″ foam roller if you roll on a table.
• To increase the pressure and the stretch, sink harder into the foam roller.
• Move slightly right or left to target different parts of the muscle.