The foam roller exercises that I will focus on during this article involves the iliopsoas muscle complex. It’s indeed a complex group of muscles that are typically known as the “hip flexors.” The iliopsoas muscle is the muscle that bends the hip, by lifting up the knee and therefore the thigh to require a leap forward. Its main action is to flex the hip, or typically delineated as flexing the thigh. When you go up the steps, the hip flexors work harder. Any physical activity that involves the leg uses the iliopsoas muscle. Cyclers, runners, hikers and power walkers often have tight hip flexors.
Foam Roller Exercises for Your Iliopsoas Muscle (Hip Flexors)

• The psoas portion, if you are a woman, position the foam roller at the top of both quad muscles. Roll upward 2 inches increments until at the top of the hipbone, stop just before the hip bone. Use small movements back and forth in a 2inch area, spending more time at any sore spots. Go slow or even stop to hold the pressure over the spots. Remember to practice deep breathing when discomfort arises.
• Men, shift your body weight to one side, obvious don’t roll over your junk! Women, you can do this as well to increase pressure. Roll both sides.
• Iliacus portion, place the foam roller on the small of the lower back and roll to one side. Start with the left. Obvious do both.  Prop your weight onto that same side elbow.
• Raise your left knee, and with your right hand grab under the left knee.
• Roll in the same 2inch segments up the muscle alongside the spine. Don’t Twist or roll on the spine.
• To increase the intensity raise the left leg up straight.