Foam roller exercises for the pectoral muscles will assist you with tight chest muscles. The chest is the guardian of your heart. Chest opening will open your heart and convey you healing of the body-mind-soul!
The pectoral muscles are the big muscles of the chest that are most visible. This muscle group is one of the most well-known muscles areas. Most men attempt to realize huge, beautiful chest muscles. Men and girls alike admire beautifully developed pectoral muscles. The pectoral muscles move the arms in some ways, and are instrumental within the stabilization of the shoulder.
Because of the vainness factor of the pectoral muscles, several men overwork this area and have tight chest muscles. They forget the importance of the body balance and forget about chest stretches to rectify this potential problem.
Tight chest muscles pull in the shoulders and are a set-up for shoulder injuries. This slumping forward of the shoulders also creates poor posture, a set-up for even more problems in the neck and back. Understanding Your Body and how tight pectoral muscles effects the posture and balance are imperative if you are to have total body health.

• For the first foam roller exercise, you will need a 36-inch foam roller.
• With the foam roller lengthwise lie down on the foam roller, supporting your entire spine on the foam roller, from your head to your hips.
• Place your arms out to each side for balance, and your legs bent and feet on the floor.
• Slowly roll your entire body from side to side, toward each arm.
• Do not twist your spine, but roll your entire body in one unit, like a log.
• Your head should move in the opposite direction as your body.
• Hold the roll to each side and feel the pull in your pectoral muscles.
• For the second exercise, a smaller 18″ roller will be easier to manage.
• Use any table (not just a massage table as depicted) to roll on. You can even sit down next to your table, if it is easier and more comfortable for you.
• Place the foam roller at an angle, so that the roller lands just inside your shoulder joint, on the head of your pectoral muscle.
• Men can roll down the pectoral muscle farther than I have depicted! Women, only make very small movements, avoiding breast tissue. If you wish, just hold the pressure on this spot, without any movements at all.
• For the third exercise, this is exactly the same as the second, only done on the floor.
• Do the third exercise if it is more comfortable for you than using a table. This might be easier to manage and you can apply more pressure, more easily using more of your body weight, if you need a deeper stretch.
• Feel free to vary the exercise in any way, moving left and right, or up and down as your intuition moves you!