Use foam roller exercises for the thoracic spine and obtain relief from upper back pain. The self myofascial unharness performed on a foam roller can unharness your inveterately held tensions and emotions. My goal is that you just can learn the metaphysical reason for your pain and better understand the body-mind affiliation of this often-affected area.

I will provide you with a short description of the movement in writing for those of you who operate best with your left, detail-oriented brain.

Foam Roller Exercises for Your Upper Back (Thoracic Spine)

• Start with the foam roller just below your neck, just above the level of your shoulder blades.
• You can relax your hands on your belly or on your chest.
• Go into a bridge position with your hips up feet flat on the floor.
•  Roll the foam roller down your back, using your lower body to push up as you roll.
• Another Option, raise your arms up above your head and roll down your upper back. This will increase pressure if you need to get deeper into the muscle for greater release.
• Same position as above, roll side to side and as long as you have time for.
• Roll inline with the shoulder blades, or experiment until you find that oh so sensitive spot!

You can follow up the foam roller exercises of the upper back with upper back stretches that open the thoracic spine. The Latissimus dorsi stretch which will help release the lats and the Thoraco-Lumbar Facia.