The muscles of the hip tend to have more issues for woman in comparison to men. The reason being, is that for woman, the hips are the strongest emotional center.  (The men have their own problems with the shoulders, their stronger emotional center, that I discuss in Foam Roller Exercises that specialize in opening Your Shoulder). It’s no surprise that women often have a lot of problems with their hips as compared to men, as a result of their bodies are structured differently. Lower back pain and hip pain go hand-in-hand. Prolonged sitting at your computer during work is a perfect recipe for shortened and tight muscles including the hip flexors (iliopsoas), the piriformis, and the iliotibial band (IT Band). The iliopsoas is often a cause of back pain that you think is coming from your back, when instead it is coming from the hip flexor connected to your spine. Tight piriformis muscles are also a frequent cause of lower back pain. The erector spinae and quadratus lumborum, the muscles of the lower back also become shortened and tight from sitting too long.

• For these foam roller exercises you will need a 36-inch foam roller.
• For the first foam roller exercise, lay on your back on the floor. Place the foam roller at a comfortable spot under your hips.
• Grasp the foam roller on each side.
• Bend your knees so you feel the pressure on the top of your hip bones.
• Slowly roll your hips first to one side, then the other, touching your knees to each end if you can.
• Hold the twist on each side for as long as you desire as you breathe into the hip opening stretch.
• As you roll side to side, this is a great cross friction type of massage of the muscles of the hip. It feels great!
• For the second foam roller exercise, start in the same position as the first, with your knees bent and the pressure of the foam roller on the top of your hip bones.
• Gently drop your knees, while still bent, as you roll your knees in small circles.
• Roll the other direction.
• Do NOT do this foam roller exercise if you feel any pain in your hip joints.