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Lifting with Kettlebells can be a lot of fun for all of you fitness enthusiasts looking for new and interesting workout techniques to boost your overall fitness levels. Kettlebell exercises provide the much needed variety to keep you glued to your workout regimen without feeling bored or feeling the need to curse the monotony of your workout.


For those who don’t know about Kettlebells, they are one of the three basic equipments found in virtually every gym in all corners of the world, the other two being dumbbells and barbells. Its basic purpose is to enhance grip strength, strength endurance, and create explosive power. Studies show that our bodies, including our muscles and bones, if challenged with weight bearing exercises will renew themselves by shedding the old cells and tissues and replacing them with newer ones that are stronger and healthier. On the contrary, if the human body is not put through any such weight bearing workouts periodically, the muscles and bones will have no impetus to renew themselves, and as a result they will grow weak and become easily susceptible to injuries and illnesses.


Coming back to Kettlebell exercises, how fun the entire workout sessions can be weighs much on how innovative and effective one’s applications are. If you do the same workouts again and again, naturally some amount of monotony or boredom creeps in, the positive effects of the exercises not withstanding, but if you could be a bit more innovative, try out newer things without compromising on the true essence of your workout, then Kettlebells might be the workout for you. Like all exercises though, don’t over do it.

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Another plus with Kettlebell exercises is that they can be done easily in one’s bedroom, the office gym, or even in the bathroom, if you are so inclined. There is not much space requirement and the devices can be easily carried around without much fuss. The only aspect needed is one’s own will to perform the Kettlebell workouts consistently. Occasionally working out with Kettlebells serves virtually no purpose at all, or rather occasionally working out period serves no purpose at all.


Performing a conventional Kettlebells snatch, press, swing or clean may be useful to the body, but perhaps not exciting when it becomes an everyday affair. However, things will be a lot different if one could try out something more innovative, in performing some of the exercises or even ironing out a new method entirely. There are several innovative workouts that I would recommend: the quick-hands juggling basics,  this involves a sort of juggling of two Kettlebells, one over the other;  balance and coordination, involves performing Kettlebell workouts while balancing on a stool; Kettlebell pushups, a pushup is performed by supporting one’s hands on the Kettlebells. All of these are  fun filled methods to explore when working out with Kettlebells. You could invent newer ways as well, provided you have become an expert with Kettlebells and know the ins and outs regarding what is proper form and what is not. Remember, a flawed workout could do more harm than good. It could lead to muscle and bone injuries, which can be irreparable in a worst case scenario. After all, you are exercising to build your fitness levels, not to ruin them!


For new and exciting fun-filled Kettlebell exercises, browse the web. There are lots of fitness websites on the internet that talk in length about interesting and innovative Kettlebell exercises. Try those out once in a while to kill the boredom. If you are comfortable with Kettlebells, then you must be able to perform even the newest and apparently challenging exercises without any fuss, but, as mentioned already, take care to avoid any unwanted injuries. That is, if you are not comfortable with any workout, just avoid it without experimenting any more.


Buy Kettlebells Now!                                     Buy Kettlebells Now!