Everyone gets FOODIE at some or the other time of the day!!! However, some may fulfill their hunger at the earliest, while some others may starve till death!!!There a few handy tips that we all foodies can follow to keep up our energy levels and to boost our metabolism!!!I was going through this website, Webmd.com. I enjoyed reading their pointers and slideshows regarding fitness and health. This was the biggest motivation for me to write this article since I am a foodie myself!!I have managed to summarize a few points below.
1. Eat Smarter
When you’re hungry, cookies and chips might call your name from the pantry. But these junk foods are packed with lots of calories in a small portion, making them heavier for your stomach. When you feel the urge to snack, reach for an apple, orange, or other fruit. Fruits won’t overload you with calories. Plus, they’ll fill you up so you won’t be hungry again soon.
2. Healthier Dessert
You don’t have to ignore your sweet tooth. Instead, keep a watch on your portion. Love two scoops of ice cream for dessert? Try one scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt topped with tasty berries for a healthier option.
3. Fuel Up with Water
The body needs water to process calories. If you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. This may affect your fat storage sites to a greater extent. So, beware….
4. Power Up with Protein
The body burns many more calories digesting protein as it uses for fat or carbohydrates. Although you want to eat a balanced diet, replacing some carbs with lean, protein-rich foods can jump-start the metabolism at mealtime. Wanna build muscles? Protein rich diet is a must!!!
5. Building a Better Pizza
The next time you and your friends order pizza, forget the pepperoni and the extra cheese. Instead, layer on veggies. These healthy, low-density toppings will fill you up and can make your pizza tasty. If you really miss the meat, try chicken as a healthier option. For fun, make your own mini-pizzas at home using whole-grain pizza breads as your crust.
6. Recharge yourself with anti-oxidants
Feeling Low? Getting tired and lazy too early?? Your immune system needs a boost…..Re-energize yourself daily with a dose of anti-oxidants…They are your fighters, your soldiers against the free radical attack happening every moment in your body..!!!Citrus fruits are the easiest to carry…

7. Never hog too much
Intense hunger pangs are a daily occurrence in our lives. Easiest way out is “TO BINGE OR HOG ON WHETEVER COMES FIRST IN OUR WAY!!” That’s a very wrong concept…Space out your meals in such a way that you do not feel hungry throughout the day. Avoid having long meal gaps…Small, frequent, healthy meals is the key to avoid “BINGEING”!!

8. Be active
The key to all “FATTY ISSUES” is to increase your activity level during the day. Atleast brisk walking is something we all can afford to do [without giving any dumb and unreasonable excuses to ourselves!!!]. This will also help you to keep your metabolism on the right track and will help you to stay fit. After all, to stay FIT is to eat HEALTHY!!

9. Judge your food cravings
Chocolates, potato’s, fries, cakes, and pastries….yummmm….!!! These food cravings are the culprits in our daily schedule that disrupt our metabolism and increase our FAT RESERVES!!!What is the use of bingeing on these when there are healthier things to munch and which do not even add to our calories? Take a simple test. Judge the timing and the the events that lead to these cravings….Handle those first and see the change for yourself!!

Refreshed after reading the article or too much to think about? These pointers attracted me since my clients left me in a dilemma regarding their bingeing and eating out habits!!! Solving this dilemma was a challenge and I am sure we all do face such problems and do not have any solutions for it. Now, being smarter and healthier while eating out is the solution to our FOODIE problems:) So, enjoy your protein-rich meals, fuel up with water and keep recharging yourselves with antioxidants!!!