In the book, Health Secrets of the Stone Age, Philip J. Goscienski explains that the human body’s chemistry has  remained constant over the last two million years. In fact the body chemistry of the human body is not actually ready for the modern food that is consumed today. Also the lack of exercise and physical activity that has become a part of everyday life is something that the human body is not accustomed to. The body chemistry of humankind is the same body chemistry that our ancestors such as the Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals had centuries ago. It is a body chemistry that is much more well designed for a life of exercise and simple eating.


Today, the six main causes of death for human beings are all lifestyle related diseases that could, and can be avoided with a few lifestyle changes. In fact, these diseases were practically non-existent in the Stone Age and were a rarity until a few hundred years ago. People today are fighting diseases that are avoidable with a few changes in their lifestyles; it is the youngest generation that will suffer the most despite the many advances in medicine. Instead of merely curing these diseases, these diseases could have actually been prevented.


Of course, people in the Stone Age did not live as long as many people live today, because of insufficient knowledge to cure infections, fight diseases, and heal injuries. With the present public works, social structure and healthcare system, human beings basically have the longest life expectancy than anytime before in human history. This is also because of the presence of an abundance of food that hunger has become more rare; however, this abundance of food has also led to obesity, type 2 diabetes and various chronic and life shortening complications.


Health Secrets of the Stone Age is a great book that explains the reason why men tend to lose weight faster than women, the reason why children today are picky eaters and which vitamins and minerals people really need. Philip J. Goscienski tells all of those dieters who ca not reduce their weight the reason for this absence of weight loss and in the process helps to avoid food cravings. Health Secrets of the Stone Age also mentions which foods have to be consumed for the maintenance of good health, the steps that have to be taken to make children become stronger and why it is important to have a regular exercise program every day.


Of course, the 285 pages of Health Secrets of the Stone Age does not imply that you have to change to a primitive lifestyle so that weight can be lost or maintained. Neither does it imply that it is possible to avoid all of these age related diseases. It just gives guidelines on lifestyle changes that can and should be made for a much healthier lifestyle. The good news is that all of these changes are not difficult nor dull.


Philip J. Goscienski basically compares the diet and activity levels of prehistoric man when placed in contrast to the nutrition and physical exercises that mankind does today. This comparison is made using two characters called the SAM (Stone Age Man) and SAL, the Stone Age Lady wherein you can find out that it is the changes in diet and exercise that plays an important part in overall health. On reading about the activities of  SAL and SAM, and what necessary and effectual changes can and should be made to human beings, you can learn to live a much better and healthier life.


The book, Health Secrets of the Stone Age, is indeed a book that has to be read by weight loss enthusiasts to find out where their mistakes are when trying to lose weight.