You want to lose weight, but you are not sure which weight loss option is right for you. Many people believe that liposuction is far easier than hiring a personal trainer when it comes to losing weight and let me tell you, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What liposuction does is remove excess fat from certain areas of the body. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia by a "plastic" surgeon and can take place at either a private practice or in a hospital.


While liposuction is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery, there are many complications that can occur because of the surgery. The most serious risk is death, different studies about liposuction related deaths disagree on the number of fatalities per years, but the fact is there is a risk of fatality from liposuction. Just last year we all watched the news stories on television about the fatal death of Kanye West’s mother, who under went liposuction and died during surgery. Another serious condition that can occur from the procedure is fluid imbalance; because fat tissue contains a large amount of liquids, as well as the liquid nature of the anesthetic commonly used, your body might have a hard time balancing out liquids properly. This normally only occurs immediately after surgery, but it can cause problems with your heart, lungs or liver as well.


Like all surgeries, anesthesia presents a potential risk. The type that is used in liposuction surgery is called Lidocaine. A potentially large amount of this anesthetic may be used in a liposuction procedure, leading to toxicity. The symptoms of this condition include slurred speech, light headedness, heart failure and convulsions. Yet another risk that is typical to all invasive surgeries is the risk of infection. Infections can lead to life threatening conditions or even death.


Embolisms can also occur as a result of surgery; pieces of fat may enter the blood stream through broken blood vessels during the procedure these fat pieces can get stuck in the blood vessels, or make their way to your heart and lungs. If you have trouble breathing after a liposuction procedure, this is a strong indication that fatty tissue ended up in your lungs. This can have disastrous consequences including death or a lifelong disability.


Because of the nature of liposuction, the surgeon is unable to directly see where his probe is and in unlucky cases, visceral perforation may occur where the probe damages nearby organs. This can lead to additional surgeries to fix the problems, or death in extreme cases.


There are also a number of less serious side effects from liposuction surgery. Skin necrosis causes the skin above the liposuction area to effectively die. It changes color and flakes off, similar to when you get sunburned. There is also a risk that this area will become infected, requiring further treatment. Paresthesias refers to an altered state of feeling at the liposuction area that can become super sensitive, or completely desensitized. 


Even after listing off all the risks, there is still one more big reason why liposuction is bad – it doesn’t promote keeping the fat off. This is a one area surgery, meaning it will remove the fat from that particular area, but unless you change your diet, lifestyle and outlook on your health, you are just going to end up with all that fat back maybe not in the same spot, but elsewhere, because it will come back. Wouldn’t it be far easier and far less expensive, to just hire a personal trainer to guide you through your health and fitness goals? You would also avoid all the risks presented here, leading to a longer, fuller life. 


Also when you hire a personal trainer, you learn how to change your lifestyle when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition. Just because you had some fat sucked off of your thighs, doesn’t mean that you have learned anything about keeping it off. Learning how to eat properly and exercise will give you the tools to maintain a fit and healthy body, without the dangers of surgery. So instead of getting plastic surgery, make a whole life and body change and hire a personal trainer today!