Home gyms have become an inevitable part of the ideal for perfect healthy living. The design of the home gym is the most important part which gathers the idea of the things to be included in the home gym. In the earlier days, home gyms were not so common and even considered a luxury. But today, home gyms are no longer a luxury and they are even considered an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. In the beginning, home gyms were designed with professionals or you could buy readymade home gym packages, but as times changed the home gym design became a personal affair and now in most cases, the customers themselves design the gym, although professional assistance can still be hired.


The design of a home gym is evaluated as a purely personal affair as only the particular individual knows their requirements. The design of the home gym must primarily be based on the purpose of the gym and who will be using it. Home gyms provide many pronounced advantages over conventional gyms. The unparalleled security, safety and convenience are some of the other benefits of a home gym. In a home gym, special attention must be taken to ensure that the user will receive the maximum benefits of the gym.


The most important part of the design of a home gym will be the selection of equipment. Multi-purpose gym machines are often the most popular trend for the home gym. However, some people prefer to design their home gym with specialty equipment. Swiss balls are one of the major pieces of equipment used in a home gym for the improvement of the core muscles along with the improvement of balance. Swiss balls are available in many sub-types and according to the utility a specific Swiss ball can be selected. "Mass builders" are essential in a home gym for weight lifting or power lifting. Dumbbells and barbells act as an important tool to build mass as well as lean muscle tissue in home gym design. A weight training menu can be achieved by including 2 or 3 dumbbells in varying sizes. The dumbbells are available with different materials and adjustable varieties with versatility and adjustable resistance are also available on the market. Many dumbbells also feature handles, collars, and weight plates.


Apart from the conventional exercise equipment, you can also add many other types of equipment in a home gym such as Indian Clubbells, benches, and resistance bands. In addition, exercise videos and instruction tapes can be a helpful add on to the home gym. However, the arrangements have to be based on the space availability in the home. It will be better if a home gym is a place, where you can not only exercise, but also relax.