How to Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons rake in millions of dollars annually from people desperate to look like celebrities. Breast enlargement and breast lifts are highly publicized cosmetic surgical procedures. Getting much less publicity is the reality that these surgeries can cause permanent and ugly scarring, have a high risk for developing infections and other health concerns, and sadly,  sometimes  results in death. Cosmetic surgery is also very expensive and most health insurance providers consider this to be elective surgery and exclude coverage for such procedures.

Exercising with dumbbells can lift breasts without surgery. It sure is a shame that this does not get the publicity that cosmetic surgery does, especially since it is a health benefactor and not a potential health stealer. By exercising with dumbbells the strength of the chest walls and muscles is significantly increased which results in a lifting of the breasts and a firmness of the chest area for an overall sexy look. Building the strength of the chest also helps correct posture which in turn relives stress on the lower back, for a triple bonus to strengthening your chest with exercises using dumbbells.

One exercise using dumbbells that to strengthen the chest and lift breasts without surgery is the incline chest press. You begin by lying on your back on an include bench with your spine properly aligned. Grab and hold a dumbbell in each hand level with your chest with elbows at a 90 degree angle and palms up. Now, while exhaling deeply raise both arms high above your chest until your elbows have just a tiny bend to them. Next, as you inhale, lower your arms at a slow pace to the position you began with. Do 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions especially when you first begin working with dumbbells. You can increase reps and sets as your strength increases.  Also do not raise your arms higher than what your body gives you permission to or you may injure yourself.

The dumbbell chest fly is another dumbbell exercise to strengthen your chest and lift breasts without surgery. This time while lying on an incline bench with dumbbells in each hand, hold your arms out straight from your body, with a tiny bend to the elbows. Exhale deeply and raise your arms towards your head, as high as you comfortably can. As you inhale slowly lower your arms to the position you began with. As with any exercise begin slowly and increase reps and sets as your strength increases.

Ask gym instructors to point out other chest exercises you can do with dumbbells, the number of repetitions and sets you should do to get the results you want. Ask too about what weights the dumbbells should be for your safety. If you exercise you perform regular chest exercises with dumbbells you should see the results of a stronger chest wall and surrounding muscles and a lift to the area of the breasts. Sure, you will not have the exact same results that expensive and risky surgical altering of the size, firmness, and positioning of your breasts produces. You will be experience a natural lifting of your entire chest area, the health benefits of regular exercise, and the emotional boost of improving your looks and fitness. And this costs no more than a gym a gym membership, the services of a personal trainer should you opt for expert guidance, and or the purchase of dumbbells to use at home.

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