In Home Personal Training:Scott White in home personal trainer, fitness trainer in home

Don’t think you have time to exercise, well what if you had a personal trainer come to your office or gym to train you so you did have time. There are many Pro’s and Con’s about training with a personal trainer in your home.

Pro’s of Hiring a Personal Trainer to come to your home:

  • You save tons of driving time
  • Gives you the ability to fit in exercise in your busy schedule
  • You don’t have to worry about anything because the personal trainer comes to you
  • Gives you the ability to watch your kids and have your family see you workout
  • Allows you to never miss an appointment because something comes you.
  • Your trainer is at your home so he/she can check your fridge, see what you eat, and give you more guidance
  • Your trainer can see your environment to give you better advice
  • You have option to utilize your own home gym or go outside around your house
  • you get to learn how you can exercise using your body weight or other methods if you don’t have a gym at home

Con’s of having a In Home Personal Trainer:

  • You may worry about someone coming to your home
  • You may be lacking all the equipment a private personal training studio has or a large gym
  • You have to pay a bit more to have the trainer come to you

What to look for when hiring a In home personal trainer:

Be sure to check their credentials: Do they have a degree in kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, or some other related field. Do they understand the anatomy and physiology of the body. Do they know the orgins and insertions of the muscles. Are the certified in nutrition? What certifications do they have. You want to hire a in home personal trainer that has a degree as well as been certified by multiple certifications like: NSCA, CSCS, ACSM, NASM, ISSA, Chek Institute, Charles Polquin.

What you want in Your In Home Personal Trainer:

Personality: You want someone that is fun, motivating and inspires you. If you don’t have someone that practice what they preach and is a good role model for you then you most likely won’t get great results. As well your retention won’t be there and as we all know it’s not about getting one great workout in. it’s sticking with it long term. It’s a lifestyle.

Fit: I know this one should be obvious though is your personal trainer fit. Sounds like a no brainer though their are a lot of personal trainers now that are fat and are not practicing what they preach. Be safe not all fit people are educated in anatomy and physiology so credentials and experience make up for a hot fit body any day. though you should have both.

An Assessment: You should always go through a very thorough assessment checking for muscle imbalances, posture, nutrition, lifestyle, body fat, measurements, weight, and goals. Your body is sacred and someone shouldn’t just through you into a workout with out being sure what you can or can’t do.

Tracking Results: Your trainer needs to track your progress. Your in home personal trainer should be checking to see your progress every month to see your improvement or lack of improvement. fat in home personal trainer

Accountability: Your trainer must keep you accountable by making you sing a contract, by keeping appointments, by inspiring you to stick with it. Commitment and consistency is the hardest thing when it comes to getting in shape. Anyone can workout super intense a few times but can you do it for life. A great in home personal trainer will keep you doing it for ever with them or on your own.

Nice: Your trainer doesn’t have to be mean and kill you. You may think you want that though sometimes that is not what is needed to get amazing results. Be sure your trainer doesn’t treat you poorly and beat you up. Our job as personal trainers are to inspire and build you up physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Remember when hiring a personal trainer don’t just ask how much they charge. There are many so called fitness experts that don’t know one thing about how the body functions. You can get yourself really hurt or you can spend a bunch of money on an inexpensive trainer that doesn’t get you any results or they just get you results for a short period and you gain it all back. Or you can invest in  yourself and in your life with someone that will be sure to teach you and educate you on what is necessary to living healthier, eating better, and exercise and sticking with it forever. It’s your choice and it’s your time and money though my recommendations would be to hire the best in home personal trainer you can. Price should never be an option when it comes to your health and well-being.