Fans of kickboxing already know this is an exciting form of sports fighting. Combatants use kicks, punches, tosses and martial arts strikes against each other in this high energy, intense form of fighting. While watching kickboxers in action it becomes very clear that these professional fighters are extremely tough and fit individuals.


You too can transform your body into that of a tough and fit fighting athlete without squaring off against an opponent and assuming the risks of great bodily harm to yourself like sport fighters have to. There are many excellent exercise programs that simulate the continuous motion and various moves involved in kickboxing. These simulated kickboxing exercise programs can be done safely while still providing you with the physique of a tough sports fighter while obtaining great fitness and health benefits at the same time.


Fit men with strong physiques have an aura about them that women find irresistible, and men are attracted to women that are fit and toned. Women may not want to grow super huge muscles like a man, but kickboxing is an excellent way for women to tighten and tone their bodies. Both sexes can perform kickboxing routines to transform their bodies into strong, fit, muscled, toned, and sexy bodies.


Some of the kickboxing moves used for the transformation of bodies from soft and flabby to fit and sexy include, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and punches. Jabs are straight hand punches, while hooks are angled punches assisted by the angling of the elbows or turning of the hand. An uppercut is an upwards punch to the chops, except that in simulated kickboxing your opponents chops are only as unguarded and open for a hit as you imagine them to be. Cross punches are rapid fire punches using both hands, punches can be either straight or circular. Combine these and other punches along with lots of bobbing and weaving into an exhilarating workout that will give you a better makeover than any cosmetic surgeon ever could.


Of course it would not be kickboxing without some kicks and martial arts moves. There is the front kick in which you are attempting to kick your imaginary opponent in the face with the heel of your foot. With the side kick your leg is parallel to the floor and you are going for a hit that would make contact with the face or body of an opponent with the side or bottom of your foot. The semi-circular kick is an angled roundhouse kick. The roundhouse kick is a rounded kick with the intent of hitting an opponent with the front of the foot. With a hook kick you extend your leg out from your side and then hook the leg backwards for a hit to an opponent with the heel or bottom of the foot. There are other kicks you will use like back, sweep, and thrilling spinning kicks for body transforming workouts that will never become boring.


Even if it has been awhile since you really exercised, kickboxing is a good choice for you. As you engage in regular kickboxing exercise routines your strength and endurance will grow and your body will transform right before your eyes and far more quickly than with many other forms of exercise. Release the sexy fighting tiger that is within you, perhaps hidden under a few extra pounds right now. Kickboxing accelerates the bodies fat burning processes for faster weight loss while tightening, strengthening, adding muscle and toning the body.


Go to a live kickboxing event to witness some of the most exciting and action packed sports fighting ever. Then head to your local gym to begin transforming your body into its strongest, fittest, and sexiest with an exhilarating, never boring, fighting tiger releasing, kickboxing exercise routine.