Know Your Fats is a beautiful book that all fat lovers should read. This is a book that teaches you the tricks about selecting the best oils and fats for your cooking and in your daily diet so that they tend to promote healthy living.  Know Your Fats is a book written by Dr. Mary G. Enig, who is an international lipid biochemist, you are sure that the information provided here is trustworthy and information that is very much worth following.


This is a 334 page book that provides all the necessary information on the different kinds of fats and oils that are found in the market today. You learn about the amount of cholesterol in different oils. In addition to this, the book provides some information on the nutrition different oils of the market offer, and how it is possible to make you more comfortable in this ‘fat-phobic’ world. Upon reading the book, Know Your Fats, you can discard all notions that saturated fats are basically unhealthy as you learn the truth about them and how they can be quite healthy to you in some ways.


In fact, Know Your Fats is the only book found today that provides accurate information on fats and oils as it is written by an authority in the field. Though you may find other books on the same matter on the market, these books are usually too technical for the common man/woman to understand. Then there are other books that have too many errors in them to prove their worth. So if you really want to "know your fats" it is better to read, Know Your Fats.  


Dr. Mary Enig started writing her book with the intention of proving that it was trans fatty acids, and not the saturated fats that usually give rise to cancer, heart disease and immune system disrupters in the human body. You first find discussion on the nature of different mono-unsaturated fats, saturates, poly-unsaturated fats and trans fatty acids in the book. Along with this, you find a discussion of cholesterol and the importance it has on the human body.


Dr. Mary Enig works at, and succeeds in demonstrating all the false data there is in the medicine and health world pertaining to saturates. She has managed to point out that saturates can cause or contribute to heart disease, colon cancer, mental illness, diabetes, cerebro-vascular disease and obesity. You find information on the fats and oils that have been used in Western diets and the fatty acid composition of the various oils and fats you find like butter, lard, coconut and olive oil.


The most interesting part of the book, Know Your Fats is the part where Dr. Mary Enig blasts organizations like the American Heart Association for the misinformation that they give out to the American public. You could consider this book to be a book that successfully corrects most of the misinformation on the market about fats and oils. The main basis for Dr. Mary Enig to support her book is that people have been eating animal fats centuries, and less of trans fat, and did not actually suffer from heart disease. And it is from this, that she infers and proves that animal fat is indeed healthy.


Know Your Fats is a book that all people who are health conscious, are on a diet or who are suffering from heart disease must read, but if you don’t fall in this category, you can always read it for use in the future or for advice to friends and relatives.