It is surprising to learn that the average person tends to consume approximately 154 LBS of sugar, and artificial sweeteners in a single year. Though you may find this to be a very high amount, it can be easily  proven and justified with just a few calculations, take for instance the calculation of a 12 OZ can of any carbonated soft drink. A can of any soft drink has approximately 17 spoons of sugar. So considering this fact, you can calculate how much sugar you tend to consume in a month just by drinking a can of coke everyday!


Nancy Appleton, the author of Lick the Sugar Habit wants everyone to be aware of the tremendous amounts of sugar that they are consuming so that they can reevaluate their eating and drinking habits. The book states that it is necessary to make lifestyle and eating habit changes, which will lead to the reduction in the amount of sugar consumed in a day. Too much sugar in a diet causes the development of many degenerative diseases. So it can be said that this book is a guide to getting unhooked from sugar, with tips on shopping, snacking and monitoring your basic health. The main point Nancy Appleton discusses throughout the book is that sugar is a substance that wrecks your immune system. With too much sugar in the body, you tend to develop chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, osteoporosis, and of course, dental cavities and other dental diseases.


The inspiration Nancy Appleton got to write her book was the fact that she herself had been addicted to sugar. Her addiction to sugar developed with her craving for sweets. This consequently led to numerous allergies in her body that started developing without the right processing of sugar that is consumed in the body. She then found the means of restoring her health, which she has written about in the book, and is very interesting to read.


Nancy Appleton starts her book, Lick the Sugar Habit with numerous quizzes wherein you can find out if you are a ‘sugaraholic’. Once you find out about this, you can then try to find out if you suffer from the many food allergies that may and can develop from sugar. Once you find out all about this, you can then move on to starting a new low sugar life, after following one of her plans to help in weaning yourself from sugar.


Though Nancy Appleton has completed a PhD, she avoids all technical data about the effects of sugar on a person throughout this book. This is the main reason why Lick the Sugar Habit can be easily read by anyone and everyone. This is a book that keeps the common man in mind and makes it easier for them to read and understand the book. Lick the Sugar Habit proves to be a book that is a great help to you in making modifications to your diet, and thus living a healthier life. In fact, upon reading this book you are sure to be amazed on the ills, and increased aging processes that accompanies excess sugar consumption.  


So if you have a sweet tooth, and want to get rid of the habit of consuming too many sweets, then the book that has to be read is Lick the Sugar Habit. You just have to follow the information provided by Nancy Appleton, and you are sure to find dramatic changes in your body system over a period of time, with a reduced intake of sugar. With the help of Nancy Appleton, and her theories, it is possible to develop a better and healthier lifestyle that proves to be very beneficial to you in the long run.