The modern, hectic world of today usually leaves many a person at a deficit of sleep. With the heavy workloads, long traveling distances and traffic jams, we encounter on a daily basis, people compensate with their sleep to get work done. Seldom can you find people who sleep nine hours, or even seven hours a day. Though sleep is neglected, it is necessary to have at least nine hours of sleep a day for a healthy lifestyle, and this is the main theory behind Lights Out, an interesting book by TS Wiley and Dr. Bent Formby.


The main point emphasized in Lights Out is that with a proper night’s sleep of nine hours, you can lose weight effectively, find it easier to eliminate any form of depression and in the process, and lower the stress and blood pressure levels in your body. It may be surprising to learn that it is also possible to curb any cravings for carbohydrates, help minimize any risk for heart disease, help prevent reverse type II diabetes and prevent cancer, all with the help of a good night’s sleep.


Basically, the main reason for people sleeping less today is the boon of mankind; the light bulb. It is only because there is illumination at night that people work at night. So it can be said that if there was no light, there would be no late nights, but this is not feasible as though light promotes late nights; it is a necessity for life as we know it.


However, with late nights and insufficient sleep you tend to stop sleeping according to seasonal light exposure. With this, you tend to alter the biological rhythms in your body. As these biological rhythms are those that control hormones and neurotransmitters wherein it is possible to determine appetite, fertility, and your mental and physical health, all of these are affected with insufficient sleep.


The book, Lights Out, hypothesizes that with the light bulb, and artificial light, human beings extend days to fool the body into a perpetual summer condition. With this, the body tends to anticipate a scarcity of food supply and some inactivity in the coming winter wherein the body starts accumulating fat and some slowing down in the metabolism. This is with the intention of sustaining the body through the months of hibernation and hunger, which actually never arrive. With this, you experience a reduction in the amount of calories that you burn which is not healthy.


People used to sleep less in the summer, while eating more in preparation of the coming winter as light basically calls for more carbohydrates. So with light being present 24 hours a day, we have a tendency to eat more food, the whole year through, and it is for this  reason that many health complaints, and diseases arise.


The 354 pages of the book Lights Out studies the role sleep plays in the lives of human beings. Both Wiley and Formby who are actually researchers infer that there is a downwards slide of the health of Americans because of the increase in night activities that is provoked with light generation and the increased carbohydrate consumption that accompanies it. Moreover, a deficit of sleep basically inhibits the production of melatonin and prolactin in the body wherein you experience deranging in the immune system; another health problem


It is thereby suggested by Wiley and Formby in the book, Lights Out, that it is better to sleep at least nine and a half hours a day in complete darkness and correspondingly, switch over to a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, healthy fats and vegetables. This leads to a more healthy body, a more healthy society, with a more healthy future.