Everyone needs a source that they can look to for motivation from time to time. The best way to guarantee that you will always have access to the motivation you need is to arm yourself with as many motivational resources as you can get your hands on.


Books, magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs, screensavers, websites, e-zines, newsletters, calendars, pictures, cards, electronic gadgets, clothing, and specially designed toys can be good sources for motivational affirmations, advice, and images that you can look to whenever you need a motivational boost.


Attend motivational seminars and consult with experts on the subject. If there are materials available at the seminar for purchase, or the experts you consult with make such materials available for sale, buy as many of these as you can. The wealth of motivational advice, tools, and support that you will find in these can have an incredible impact on your life, providing you with the positive motivation that you need to achieve everything that  you want for yourself, when you need it the most.


You can also be a good source of motivation for yourself by training your brain to think positively. Remind yourself of your goals and why you have them, and to cheer yourself along the way even if you should stumble now and again. It all begins with you really. All of the motivational material in the world, no matter how carefully constructed or expensive as it may be will do any good if your brain negates all of the positive information found in such material. You have to make up your mind that you will not let anything negative come in between you and reaching for what you want in life.


Consider holistic approaches to motivation such as hypnosis and NLP training. The tools you will gain here for motivation will last a lifetime and can help you with a host of other issues you may have in your life. If you had a disease that needed medicine to treat it or it might seriously impair or halt your life, you would most likely get yourself to a doctor. Why should the damaging affects on the shape and substance of your life due to a lack of motivation or motivational skills be any less of a concern to you? 


Set goals and know why you have set them. Knowing what direction you want to take your life in and why, will go a long ways towards keeping you motivated over the long haul. On days when you feel as if your motivation needs a boost, look again at the goals you have set for yourself and why you chose those goals.


Figure out a way to track the progress you have made towards your goals. Seeing where you started, where you are now, and how close you are to meeting your goals may be all the motivation you need not to give up before crossing the finish line. Day planners, calendars, agenda books are some suggested ways to keep track of the goals you have set and the progress you have made on them.


Surround yourself with positive and motivating individuals. The social support of friends, coworkers, and contacts can be an excellent source for finding motivation when you need it. Steer clear of people who are not positive and motivating sources as often as you can because they will only drain your already dwindling stores of self motivation. Borrow the motivation that you need from your social support group and rebuild your inner stores of motivation. You can repay the debt loaned to you by giving motivation to another member of the group when they are in need, and you are brimming with motivation.


Gather as many good sources of motivation as you can, from materials to the people you spend time with and you are more certain to find motivation when you need it so that you can get all that you want out of life.