Fitness Super Tip: Muscles how do they work? Muscles can only do a few different things when you talk about lifting and physiology. So what can muscles do: Well they only can: Get bigger: by lifting weights/resistance training/during puberty when hormone levels are higher. They can get smaller with age, not working out, crash diets. They can get stronger by lifting heavier weights/objects,etc. They can build endurance by doing more repetitions: meaning you can lift that same weight for more reps then you could before. That’s it, that’s all they do. Having this understand helps dispel a lot of myths.

Basic Lifting Principles you should stick to and remember forever:

How many reps should I do if I want to put on the most strength: 1-6 reps. Lifting a weight that goes to failure.

How many reps should I do if I want muscular size: 8-12 reps. Of course lifting with a weight you fail with good form in this range.

How many reps builds muscular endurance: 15 + reps. Any workout you do more than 15 reps you are predominantly focusing on just building more endurance in that muscle.

So wait does that mean if I only do 8-12 reps I won’t get any strength or endurance? Of course not there are carry over in all of them. Though predominately it does what I mentioned in that specific rep range.

If I want to build a ton of muscle should I only lift in the 8-12 rep range? No the body adapts you should change your program up every 4-6 to possibly 8 weeks for a beginner.

There is a lot more science behind all this. If you like more information just send me a message.

here’s to your success: