Increase your client volume and the safety of your personal training clients by obtaining your NASM personal training certification.


What is a NASM personal training certificate? NASM is the acronym for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. A NASM certificate signifies that you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of sports medicine by passing the NASM exam for which you were then awarded certification in honor of. This tells your clients that you have the comprehensive knowledge of sports medicine needed to assist them in reaching their fitness goals using the safest and most effective exercise methods.


To bone up on the information that you need to know in order to pass the NASM personal training certification exam,  get yourself materials such as a NASM personal training certification exam prep book or a workbook containing examples of the kind of questions that will be found on the exam. Online book vendors such as, are exemplary providers of personal trainer and personal training books, including NASM exam prep titles to help you prepare for the NASM personal training exam to become a certified NASM personal trainer. Through the internet you can also find other resources to help prepare you for taking the NASM personal training exam needed for a NASM personal training certification.


How long should you take to prepare yourself for the NASM personal training certification exam? Much of that depends on how knowledgeable you are about the basics of sports medicine at this point, what areas you need to beef up your knowledge in, and how comfortable you are in your knowledge of the information the NASM exam will cover. No one timetable is suitable for everyone. Take as long as you need, or if you believe you are ready now, go for it. You can always retake the exam to receive your NASM personal training certification at a later date if you need to.


Assuming that you have prepared yourself well for the NASM personal training certification exam, where can you take the exam? For your convenience, you can take the NASM personal training certification exam online through various accredited institutions. One highly recommended for the NASM exam you need to obtain your NASM personal training certification comes from the NASM website itself Here you will even find practice exams to help you get ready, and loads of other educational information and resources.


You can of course find other online providers for the NASM exam to obtain your NASM personal training certification. You should make sure that any online educational provider you choose to use has been accredited by a governing body such as the NCAA, or another governing body for the field of sports medicine, to ensure you will be receiving a certificate carries the national recognition of these governing bodies of sports medicine.


Find a prominent location on a wall or your desk to display your NASM personal training certificate for clients and others to see, and be sure to note such certification on your business cards and business website.  People are more confident in securing services from someone who has been certified in the area of the services they offer.


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