The Far-Reaching Benefits of Choosing Meat, Eggs,

and Dairy Products from Grass-Fed Animals



Dairy products are a necessity for everyone. We need milk, cheese, cream, eggs and other dairy products for our daily calcium needs. And we get these dairy products through cows, chickens and goats. These animals are generally grazed with grain to produce the best of dairy products.


However, Jo Robinson insists in her book, Pasture Perfect: The Far-Reaching Benefits of Choosing Meat, Eggs,

and Dairy Products from Grass-Fed Animals, that the animals that are raised by grazing on grass instead of grain tend to produce dairy products that have less fat and the fat that does exist is "good fat." This "good fat" has fewer calories and is healthier. And with grazing on grass, these animals tend to grow to become healthier and experience less stress. And this in turn is much better for the environment.


Pasture Perfect is a soft cover book with 160 pages that proves with the help of scientific research that the products that are derived from grass fed animals are generally much safer, and provide much more nourishment, than the conventional animals that are grazed on grains. As these animals are usually less stressed, they live more natural lives to produce meat that has a higher constitution of beta-carotene, Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.


The effects of these changes on grazing also have its consequences on the production of eggs. This is why Pasture Perfect points out all of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing the right meat, eggs and dairy products from the animals that are grazed on grass. Jo Robinson has expressed her views only after conducting about five years of research on the benefits of grass grazed animals.


By incorporating the habit of letting animals graze on grass, chickens are generally set free to graze on green grass on their own. They can scratch around for insects, roost without any stress and in the process get to enjoy sunbaths. Even animals like dairy cows, bison, lambs and cattle are found to be more content to be allowed to graze on green pasture where they get to breathe fresh air, and are permitted to stay on the farm right from their birth till the day they are marketed.


Based on her research, Jo Robinson has enough proof to prove that pastured products are not only vitamin enriched, they are more nutritious and free from antibiotics, mad cow disease and hormones. You can also find the cancer fighting fat, CLA, in these pastured products. Jo Robinson not only describes the benefits pastured products, but also helps you store, locate and cook them. There are more than 60 pages of recipes in the book Pasture Perfect which will help you bring out the flavor and tenderness of these improved, pastured products to help you lead a better life.