There are a few personal training certifications that I would recommend and the rest are just there.  There is no regulation for these agencies at this point in time, so you can buy and study and learn, though some of the certifications might not properly prepare you to be the best personal trainer that you want to be.


My Recommendations List:


Beginning Certifications for Personal Trainers:


ISSA A Personal Training Certifications; ISSA is on of the most up to date basic certifications that teaches you the basics to become a personal trainer to instruct clients and athletes to achieve there goals.


NASM, National Academy of Strength and Medicine is a highly accredited exercise education facility offering certifications and resources for top professionals in Exercise.  NASM offers the only Masters programs through an accredited University.


Advanced Personal Training Certifications:

Chek Institute, A Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist program


The other personal trainer certification list:

AAAI/ISMA: American Aerobic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association
Click here: AAAI/ISMA


ACE: American Council on Exercise
Click here: American Council on Exercise (ACE)


ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine
Click here: American College of Sports Medicine


AFAA: Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Click here: AFAA-Aerobics and Fitness Education and Certification


AFPA: American Fitness Professionals and Associates
Click here: AFPA Personal Trainer Certification, How to Become A Personal Trainer, Advanced Trainer Certifications, Fitness Ce


AFTA: American Fitness Training of Athletics
Click here: AFTA Personal trainer certification, fitness certification, fitness supplements, sports supplement retailer, nutri


The Cooper Institute
Click here: The Cooper Institute


IART: International Association of Resistance Trainers
Click here: International Association of Resistance Trainers (I.A.R.T.)


IFPA: The International Fitness Professionals Association
Click here: IFPA International Fitness Professionals Association The Leader in Practical Fitness Education


IFTA: Interactive Fitness Trainers of America
Click here: IFTA- Interactive Fitness Trainers of America


ISSA: International Sports Sciences Association
Click here: ISSA  The World Leader in Personal Training Certifications


ISFTA: International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association
Click here:


NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine
Click here: Welcome to NASM


NAFC: National Association for Fitness Certification
Click here: Personal Trainer Certification, Fitness Certification, Aerobic Instructor Certification, Nutrition Certification


NCCPT: National Council for Certified Personal Trainers
Click here: Future Fit Online


NCSF: National Council of Strength and Fitness
Click here: National Council on Strength and Fitness: NCSF Home Page


NESTA: National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association
Click here: Personal Trainer at Nesta Certified: Personal Training, Personal Trainer Certification, Fitness Training, Personal


NETA (Formerly NDEITA): National Exercise Trainers Association
Click here: NETA National Exercise Trainers Association | Group Fitness Certification, Pilates Certification, Personal Trainer


NFPT: National Federation of Personal Trainers
Click here: NFPT: Personal Trainer Certification, Personal Training and Fitness Education


NGA: National Gym Association
Click here: Welcome to National Gym Association – online personal fitness training, fitness programs designed for free persona


NSCA: National Strength and Conditioning Association
Click here: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)


NSPA: National Strength Professionals Association
Click here: NSPA Home Page


NPTI: The National Personal Training Institute
Click here: NPTI- School Locations


SCW: Sara City Workout
Click here: Welcome to Sara’s City Workout – the leader in fitness instructor education!


PFIT: Professional Fitness Instructor Training
Click here: personal trainer certification by professional fitness instructor training


WITS: World Instructor Training Schools
Click here: W.I.T.S. World Instructor Training Schools Certifications


YMCA of the USA
Click here: