It was bound to happen, and it has. We as a generation of couch potatoes have now sprouted a generation of mini couch spuds. More children are obese, and becoming obese at younger ages than ever before in our history, and we as adults and as a society are responsible for these disheartening numbers of overweight children.


Obese children are susceptible to suffering from the same conditions that obese adults most commonly suffer from, even at a very young age. Conditions such as type II diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease, are not supposed to be a part of childhood, but they are becoming a reality for more and more children because of obesity. Helping children to become more fit has the potential for eliminating many if not all of these conditions in children.


Children learn by example and through instruction. It is time we become living examples of fitness so that the children of our society can be shown how to become more fit and healthier. We owe them at least that much and keep in mind that the children of today will be responsible for many of the things that affect our lives, tomorrow. Why not equip them to meet the demands of those responsibilities with the clear minds and strong health that fitness produces.


Children have different exercise needs than adults because their bodies are still developing, and care to avoid injuries must be taken for children exercising. Personal trainers from across the country, recognizing the growing problem of obesity in children want people to become more aware of the benefits to personal training for children.


Personal training for children provides expert and compassionate guidance to children dealing with serious weight issues, and to those who just need a boost to getting and staying fit for life. A personal trainer is knowledgeable about the different exercise needs of children due to their still developing bodies and can advise parents and children on forms of exercise that are not highly recommended for children, such as weight training, or that should only be done under the careful watch of a fitness expert.


Personal trainers offering personal training for children also understand the physiological and emotional differences of children in comparison to adults. Self esteem, belonging, and independence are still in development, and although fitness can help these develop much stronger, care still needs to be taken to ensure they develop fully. Personal trainers understand that children want to fit in with their peers and that children are more likely to mimic each other, especially if a fitness routine is made to be a lot of fun while intending improved fitness for children. A personal trainer can develop a fitness routine that a child can share with his or her friends, which promotes better fitness for all of them.


Obese and out of shape children can not fully participate with their peers which really impacts their emotional and social development. Personal training designed especially for children can help children with serious weight issues to get their weight under control, learn about proper diet and nutrition, and to develop a love of exercise making it more likely that they will always strive to be their fittest and healthiest.


Another option to personal training is signing your children up with local athletic organizations or school sports. Any physical activity is going to greatly diminish the likelihood that your child will become obese. Studies also show that children who participate in after school activities show fewer signs of depression.


Help the children in your life to become fit and healthy by learning more about personal training, and personal training for children. Personal Power Training  and US Fitness Trainer are two highly recommended resources for finding more information about personal trainers, and personal training, and information on personal training for children. The Personal Power Training website can be found here,, and the US Fitness Trainer website can be found at