As a little girl, you learned about the differences in body parts of boys and girls the first time you walked in on your father taking a pee in the bathroom toilet. Oh boy, that must have provided a lot for the adults to chuckle about, what with our great concern you’re your father had alien body parts protruding from his body. Most likely the duty of explaining the differences in the body parts of boys and girls fell to your poor mother. As you grew up, you began to notice other differences between males and females. Males tend to get into more rough and tumble play than females, though some females enjoy roughing it up as well. Males tend to have more upper body strength while females have lower body strength. For women, this lower body strength is a gift of genetics because lower body muscles are used when giving birth. There are other differences between males and females, from the ways in which we perceive relationships and the world around us, to how we most often react to those perceptions. This difference between males and females has been the subject of many books. We will be concentrating on the different needs of women for personal training. Check your local library or one of the leading online bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you want to learn about other differences between males and females.


Women are built different than men. You have probably heard the biblical story of how God removed a rib from Adam to create Eve. But we are not here for a debate of creationism versus evolutionism. Muscle mass is distributed differently in men and women. Both men and women can workout their triceps for example, but her triceps will not grow as big as his because the muscle mass of her triceps is not as big. Because of the differences in the distribution of muscle mass women will develop problem areas different from those that men most often complain of. Women can have trouble with toning thighs and men can have trouble toning the lower legs. There are also hormonal differences in men and women that may affect the results of exercise, even when doing the same exercises.


Personal training for women targets exercises that take into account the muscle and hormonal differences in women so that women can gain just as much health and fitness benefits from exercise as men, even if they are exercising differently. This is not to say that men and exercise do not mix well and that except for body builders, exercise is not good for men. The health and fitness benefits of exercise are open to both sexes. And both sexes can gain many benefits through the assistance of personal training. We are only saying that women have different exercise needs than men, and if women want to attain higher levels of fitness and the health benefits of high fitness, they need to look into personal training for women.


Personal training for women will provide an exercise plan that considers the different exercise needs of women. With a personal training exercise plan you will know what exercises you should be doing for the best results, and you will know how you should be performing them. You will even learn how you can modify other exercise forms to fit the exercise needs you have as a woman. To learn more about how personal training can help women to attain high levels of fitness and health, we invite you to use these links to more detailed information on personal training and exercise. , , , ,