Health is a very important aspect today where people from all walks of life venture to make their lives as healthy as possible with the right diet and exercise. People who are really interested in learning more about health and nutrition should read the great book, Politically Incorrect Nutrition, written by Michael Barbee. The book, Politically Incorrect Nutrition, aims at helping its readers learn more about the existing realities of the present food industry. Upon reading this book, you will learn more about the current beliefs concerning consumers and health care practitioners that are presently found in the food industry sector. Barbee discusses such concerns as, whether or not your cup of green tea is contaminated, or if over eating soy products can lead to a hormonal imbalance.


Dieters today have a tendency of using calorie-free artificial sweeteners instead of sugar with the hopes of reducing weight. However, they are sure to get upset with the fact that Michael Barbee proves this idea to be completely wrong. This is because though these artificial sweeteners may make food and drinks tastier, and contain less calories, in the long run, they may have adverse consequences on your health.


It has been an age old adage that dietary cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease in men. However, Politically Incorrect Nutrition goes against this to say that in fact, dietary cholesterol does not cause heart disease but instead helps prevent it. Upon reading this book, you also get to learn the truth of many other areas of research, microwaves, radiation and plastic leaching, which are all existent in the medicine and health world today. In addition to all of this, you will also be surprised to learn that eggs and red meat actually help prevent cholesterol problems, and do not cause them!


Besides these, you also receive interesting information on your day to day life, as well as everyday routines from the book. One such surprising fact is the presence of fluoride in the water that you use, and another, that it is important to include saturated fats in a diet. These saturated fats help you lose weight faster when on a diet. The book Politically Incorrect Nutrition states the point that if the diet is not planned out properly, this diet itself can have adverse affects on your health. Instead of taking too many supplements, it is always better that you opt for whole food choices. Once you make all these changes following the concepts placed by Michael Barbee in Politically Incorrect Nutrition, you learn how you can find the perfect diet for you.


Being clear and very easy to understand, Politically Incorrect Nutrition is a book anyone and everyone should read. You basically get a clear picture of the nutritional value that exists in all foods which are presented to you in an interesting and self supported manner. You are provided with answers to all of the major nutritional questions and concerns wherein you learn to lead your life in a natural and easy way to improve your health in the long run.


So if you are one of those who have a fancy on dieting and exercising, it is always better to read such a book like Politically Incorrect Nutrition. On reading the book, you know about different diets, the effects the diets have on the body and decide on which foods are best suited for your body and your bodily needs.