When trying to lose weight it is natural to want to lose it quickly and reach your desired weight sooner. Taking shortcuts to get ahead in other parts of our lives can also be very tempting, but the truth is that quick fixes do not work for weight loss or in life. A quick fix may give you the impression of having got ahead easier than if you had chosen to take a longer route, but the impression is a false one that will soon fade away. There are thousands of quick fixes out there that are suggested as ways to lose weight quickly. The most common method suggested as a quick fix to losing weight is to drastically cut your daily caloric intake, and yes, if you do this, you might lose up to 10 pounds that first week. What you are losing is not true weight though, the number on the scale may tell you that it is, but your scale is not telling you the whole truth. The truth of the matter is that this initial large loss is achieved through the loss of water weight in your body. Once all of the extra fluids have been eliminated, your body starts to toss away your muscles. Fat, which is the real culprit behind unhealthy weight, is the last thing that your body will get rid of. This is because the body can convert fat to energy without exerting much effort. And a body not being supplied with the calories needed for energy to power body systems, has to conserve what energy sources it has.


Quick fixes for weight loss do not work because they teach you nothing about healthy eating and exercise. Some of us do not even know what real hunger feels like because we habitually stuff ourselves with food before actual hunger can set in. A quick fix for losing weight may get you to a desired weight goal sooner, but because you have not learned anything about healthy eating, you will return to your normal eating habits and the weight will come back.

Quick fixes for weight loss do not work for long and they are very dangerous for your health. Depriving your body of the nutrients it needs for normal functioning causes the body to shut down in an attempt to save itself. This can create a host of health issues such as weakness, susceptibility to illness, and even system failures such as kidney, liver, and even your heart. In this state your physical safety is at risk from falls and injuries and even a lack of focus to know you are in danger. Furthermore, a body that is starving also cannot think clearly or remember important details. This will not bode well for you at work, at home, or with your friends.


Similarly, quick fixes in life do not work either. Sure, you may jump ahead of where you were, but because you did not learn anything about what it really takes to get there, how long do you think you can remain there? You will get so much more out of having to work a little to get where you want to be. You will feel good about doing the work of getting ahead. You will also have gained knowledge along the way that you can use to keep your new station or to move further ahead. Quick fixes in life do not work because you gain the reputation as someone who only gets ahead by taking shortcuts. This is not what your boss is looking for when looking to promote people into higher positions. Your social life can suffer as well because there is just something untrustworthy about someone who is always looking for quick fixes to get ahead.


Quick fixes do not work for weight loss and in life. A slower pace, but steadily moving forward, offers the best opportunity for you to find success with weight loss and in life.