It is really interesting and surprising to learn that our ancestors never actually had any major health problems. This was mainly because of the diet they followed and the food that they ate. They never really worried much about cholesterol, fat, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. It was because that they usually ate what they wanted, when they wanted; there was no need for worrying about the consequences of eating the right type of food, and it is this point and concept that Nina Planck aims at disclosing in her book, Real Food What to Eat and Why.


Today everyone is prompted to eat omelets of only egg whites, while eliminating the yoke. However, the concept of eliminating the yolk is not a smart alternative as it is the yoke of the egg that primarily contains all of the nutrients eggs are famous for. Thinking that the egg yoke and many other "fatty" foods are not healthy for you and then removing them from your diet is a very unwise decision as it is these "fatty" foods that are required in the body for proper development and growth.


There are other traditional, and tasty foods that are eliminated from the diet today like butter, beef from grass fed cows, cream, roast chicken skin and other "fatty" foods. This is what Nina Planck disagrees with and keeping this in mind, explains how many false accusations most of the age old foods have undergone. She claims that it is the foods manufactured industrially like soybean oil that are the foods that are responsible for the increase of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. This is all explained in the book, Real Food What to Eat and Why by Nina Planck. In other words, Real Food What to Eat and Why is a book that aims at unearthing the age old wisdom about our health and diet, and in the process, explains the taste for good food.


Another angle and point that she describes in her book is that most food that was created in the past century is not as good as the foods that have been developed since the development of agriculture. Nina Planck claims that it is better to butter than margarine, unlike what is stipulated in the health world today. She also says that eating whole eggs is much better than eating only the egg whites of eggs. In fact, she says, and it is known that eggs are a very essential constituent of a diet. And for all those milk drinkers out there, Nina Planck says that skimmed milk is actually worse for health than full-fat milk and that it is actually better to drink milk raw than pasteurized.


Nina Planck aims to promote eating in a natural and old fashioned way in her book, Real Food What to Eat and Why. She suggests that a meal of chopped liver and eggs that are hard boiled is wonderful in maintaining your health. She also maintains that it is better for one to have a diet that helps maintain and improve health so that it is possible to maintain stable weight and avoid obesity as this is the diet that has the food we crave and thus enjoy eating.


Nina Planck urges her readers in her book, Real Food What to Eat and Why, to remember what their grandmothers ate which mainly constituted of farm fresh food, meet, dairy and seasonal fruits and vegetables. She distinguishes good fats from bad fats and that many nutrients from food are absorbed into the body through dissolved fat.