Robert Downey Jr. Celebrity WorkoutRobert Downey Jr., A Real-Life Fitness Super Hero

Robert Downey Jr. is a true life superhero when it comes to keeping his body fit and lean.  When it comes to his approach to working out, eating, and living he is an inspiration to us all.  Even more impressive is that he’s looking better with age.

Robert doesn’t go for the quick fix or a crash diet and like so many celebs when he gets ready for his next movie.  Instead, he implements a precise plan which includes an overall healthy living lifestyle and employs a staff of experts to help him achieve his goals. He follows a diet plan that is customized to his body’s biochemistry so there is no way duplicate his exact plan.  However, there are a few fundamentals rules that you can follow to get you closer to the Iron Man physique of Robert Downey Jr.

Regarding his workout, Robert combines functional training and stability movement. For example, try the Pineapple machine to stabilize the core while performing other movements which really exhaust the body’s nervous system and cause the ultimate muscular fatigue.  Or go a few rounds on the Vortex doing exercises like high or low cable rotations and other movements that have high carry over to real life movement. Add in the Jacobs Ladder in between for a full body intense cardio workout.  This type of training will ensure you are not twiddling your thumbs with boredom because it requires so much concentration to control your body and do the movement. Such a workout just melts fat off your body.

Regarding Robert’s nutritional plan, focus on a cleanse to remove toxins and bad bacteria from the body to help restore the gut so it may absorb more precious nutrients and eliminate all the harmful chemicals that damage the body.  Once the body is cleansed of harmful toxins, the body can now heal itself and work for you as opposed to fighting all the harmful toxins that where stressing the body from doing it’s normal job of processing fat and absorbing nutrients. Just ask any holistic doctor… becoming healthy all starts from healing the gut. Once your gut is clean, you need to start putting only healthy food into your body.  This means avoiding sugar, alcohol, pesticides, additives, and other harmful chemicals that are in processed foods.  Eating organic foods as well as free range eggs or chicken, grass-fed beef, and pasture raised meats and wild fish are also great choices.  The best foods on the planet in terms of being loaded with tons of nutrition and veRobert Downey Nutritional Programry little calories are vegetables.  Eat every vegetable under the sun and all the colors as long as you are not allergic to them.

Another key nutritional component is to make sure and remove common foods that disagree with the body. Typical culprits are dairy, wheat, corn, and soy. If these are an allergen for you, remove those foods from your diet which will dramatically decrease inflammation in the body and make it much easy to see results.  Granted, it is not easy to eat this way.  Food scientists put the most addictive substances (e.g., sugar) in just about everything we eat making it tough to eat as clean as we’d like.  Did you know most package meats even have sugar in them? Yes, sugar is what some scientists have called “white death.” Avoid sugar like I’m sure Robert Downey does, and your body will thank you.

Overall, remember to be a super hero you must eat and live like one.