Man has always been the most innovative species on earth. In the domain of workout and exercise, the latest trend is rock climbing gymnasiums. As the term itself indicates, it is the rock climbing scenario uprooted and planted inside the four walls of a gymnasium. Well, one cannot take the hills as such; hence the ambience has been artificially recreated with all sorts of bells and whistles included in order to make it look as realistic enough as possible. For those adventure enthusiasts and fitness freaks, who have had been bored by the monotonous nature of most of the workouts, rock climbing gyms will be a welcome break. It is a useful form of exercise as well that it combines power, elegance, coordination, and skill, which if performed regularly will definitely generate a positive effect on both the body and mind. Rock climbing gyms also serve as learning schools for those rock climbing beginners and sometimes professionals to hone their rusting skills.


Rock climbing – done over a period of time – helps in developing a unique sense of balance, coordination, and strength to the body. And since it is not done all in one go – the beginners being asked to take to rock climbing step by step, like other workouts, won’t put any undue strain on the body. Further, even if you are an amateur, there is nothing to fear in the whole exercise as all rock climbing gyms provide all kinds of safety features to prevent any accidents or a freaky fall and subsequent injuries. In fact, having all the safety features in place is a prerequisite for applying for a rock climbing gym license. The law also mandates having a trained instructor in the gym to teach the aspirant rock climbers and fitness buffs seeking some change in their gym routines. Remember, rock climbing is a sport that requires professional training and coaching expertise, it is not an amateurish act at all.


From a rock climber point of view, it is important that the person has a first hand knowledge about rock climbing – at least theoretically – and have a good understanding of to how to use all of the required gears for optimally performing the act. The basic information on these aspects can be gathered from the many rock climbing guides available in the market or from similar websites. Fitness is also of paramount importance in rock climbing for it is assumed that rock climbers – even beginners – must have a strong hand grip and muscular legs. Also one should learn to reign in the fear factor, the most detrimental of all, something that puts road blocks in front of many a person’s dreams to try out this exercise. Finally, rock climbing, requires a lot of hard work and practice, especially as you advances to the higher levels of the trade. Further, if you, while doing rock climbing, ever get the feeling that more professional assistance is needed and the current facilities available in the present gym are not enough, don’t hesitate to switch to a better place where there is a more sophisticated setting.


After all, it is your body, your passion, and your dreams; not anyone else’s!