It is a fact that we are now much more conscious about our health, but the rate of incidences of diseases seems to be increasing at alarming rates. The innovative techniques and latest discoveries do not seem to impart an influential impact to erase out the ill effects of disease. Moreover, most of the new techniques and medicines used in modern systems of treatment seem to cause many harmful side effects. Experts are in a constant search for a complete solution for health problems and many are turning to alternative paths to find a better answer. The book, Salt Your Way to Health, discusses alternative solutions, which can give permanent relief from chronic diseases. The authors intend on providing information to attain optimum health and well being for a person throughout their life, while challenging current ideas about health and nutrition.


Salt Your Way to Health, reveals a holistic solution that can treat the whole body system, as well as the disease. The practice of using holistic treatment as an effective solution and adaptive treatment strategy for many of the diseases prevails from ancient times, however, the importance of holistic medicine was not recognized and accepted among the masses for centuries. Now, holistic medicine is regaining its prominence in the treatment of diseases and maintenance of a healthy life as it can eliminate many of the side effects of conventional medicine. Moreover, the holistic treatment and medicines used for treatment are based on the use of the natural products, which innately nourish the body. The book, Salt Your Way to Health, says that a balance of the minerals of the system are vital for the perfect functioning of the body. It advocates an idea that perfect maintenance of the level of minerals in the body will help us to abstain from many of the diseases that we face today.


Salt Your Way to Health was written by David Brownstein, MD, from his long years of experience and research. He is an expert in the field of medicine, who has a track record of successful practice. Dr. Brownstein tries to uncover the prevailing misbelieves in our society among conventional practitioners about salt. Salt is treated as a culprit that induces many life threatening diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and many other complications. With his book, Salt Your Way to Health, Dr. Brownstein reveals that much of the negative conceptions about salt are incorrect; he even projects salt as necessity for a healthy life. The book tries to establish the importance of salt in the body and substantiate the fact over the several misconceptions prevailed in society today.


David Brownstein says in his book, Salt Your Way to Health, that salt is important for optimal performance of the immune system. His argument is that unrefined salt can play a  positive role for many of the chronic life threatening diseases such as Fibromyglia, adrenal disorders, Meniere’s disease, headaches, thyroid disorders, and chronic fatigue. The interesting fact that is contradictory to widespread belief is that unrefined salt is great for maintaining cholesterol levels and blood pressure, according to Dr. Brownstein’s research.


Unrefined salt is recommended as part of one’s daily diet, as it contains about 80 minerals, which can contribute to a balance of minerals in the body. The consumption of unrefined salt with a holistic regimen will help to provide a refreshing outlook on life without deficiency of any of the necessary compounds.


In brief, in the book, Salt Your Way to Health, David Brownstein tries to establish the healing ability of unrefined salt. In addition to the informative content, the attractive style of writing and substantial documentation makes the book a popular read.