Sandra Bullock Celebrity Workout ProgramSandra Bullock, Getting Sexier with Age and Awards

Sandra Bullock is heating up the big screen these days with amazing acting and one rocking hot body.  Sandra and Jesse may be on the rocks but her body couldn’t be seeing better times.  You couldn’t miss this beautiful bombshell showing off her sexiness whether it was to Ryan Reynolds in the romantic comedy, “The Proposal” or on the Red Carpet this awards show season as she took home the Oscar for her role in “The Blind Side.” Therefore, I’m sure it comes as no big surprise that Sandra is familiar with the gym and some tough workouts to keep her in tip top shape.

Sandra doesn’t mess around when she hits the gym.  She has a plan and sticks to it.  That mentality along with some great trainers to assist her, gives her the results that translate into box office smash hits.

Her workout consists of Pilates, kickboxing, and weight training, in addition to running and bike riding. Sandra also allows her body to recover by ensuring that she takes 2 weeks off to relax and rejuvenate when necessary.

The weight training program Sandra subscribes to is intense and very cardiovascular so calories are burning non-stop. The workout is about 35 minutes of a full body circuit exercise program.  A circuit means that you move the entire time doing 2 or more exercises back-to-back without any rest. This is a great way to keep the heart rate up and burn a whole lot more fat than your average workout. The beginning of Sandra’s workout starts with a 5-10 minute treadmill walk at around 4 mph so she can get the warm up she needs and get the sweat flowing. Yes, for all of you who may hate to sweat, unfortunately it’s part of the game.  After the warm-up, the real workout begins.  Here are some examples of some circuit weight training programs that will shed the pounds right off your body. If you don’t trust me, just ask Sandra.

Circuit Training Program 1

5-10 min warm up at 65-80% of your heart rate.Sandra Bullock Hot Celebrity Fitness Training


1st set of exercises

20 repetitions of squats then push ups (as many as you can do) for three sets, no rest doing 1 set of 20 squats than as many push-ups as you can. Once finished with push-ups back to set number 2 of squats and so on until your done with 3 sets of each exercise.

2nd set of exercises

Reverse lunges 20 reps followed immediately by 15 dumbbell deadlifts (this is like a squat though your bent over a bit more with good posture not rounding your back ) holding the dumbbells in each hand. Repeat back to back for a total of 3 sets with no rest.

3rd set of exercises

Alternating Side lunges for 15 reps than dumbbell bicep curls to a shoulder press.  (keep supinated (palms up) grip during the bicep curl and press). Repeat 3 sets back to back with no rest.

4th Exercise and last

Crunch with scissor kick for as many reps as you can with good from than rest for 1 min and repeat 2 more times.

Wow what a workout.  No rest non-stop action from start to finish.  This is a full body workout that you can do to get a figure soo sexy.. Though if you want to step it up a notch here are a few more:

Circuit Training Program 1

5-10 min warm up at 65-80% of your heart rate.

Squats 10 reps Side

Side Step ups 10 reps

1 minute level 20 on the stairmill

Repeat 4 times.

Push ups 10 reps

Pull ups 10 reps

1 minute level 20 on the stairmill or sprint at 8% incline at speed 7-12mph for 1 minute

Repeat 4 Times

Sumo SquatsSandra Bullock Celebrity workout, Sandra Bullock hottest celebrity

Side Step ups

1 minute level 20 on the stairmill or sprint at 8% incline at speed 7-12mph for 1 minute

Repeat 4 Times

Finish off this with 3 sets of jack knifes on the swiss ball to work the lower abs superset (combined where you do the exercise back and forth between the two) with swiss ball torso twists.

Sandra doesn’t stop with just lifting weights she also does a Pilates routine where she may do more exercises using the Reformer, Cadillac, or Tower. Some of these exercises performed are the leg circles, rowing front, hug-a tree, frog, the teaser, and the 100’s.  These exercises give you a great workout and help really engage the core stabilizer muscles with more fluid slower movements which is another great way to engage the core muscles and get a great workout that isn’t so strenuous on the body.

Sandra incorporates kickboxing into her routine which is great for shedding fat doing some intense cardio of high kicks, crosses, jabs, and some other serious powerful but kicking moves.