Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is considered to be one of the books you must have in your home as the preeminent guide to health. The book gives you essential information about the treatment and management of various aliments. Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is grouped in an unparalleled category as it gives a broad idea about almost all of the branches of medicine. In the present conditions of increased incidences of disease, a book like Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is a necessity to have in order to get an idea on how to tackle any ailment. The interesting remark of the period is that we are living in an age of explosive knowledge. We now know many methods including both traditional and innovative technologies to handle diseases and how to avoid them, but the problem is to get the information at the right time. Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is well appreciated since it helps to attain the synchronized information in a single paperback. The major significance of the book, is that it makes a revolutionary step to suggest that different treatment modalities will work together and the book is successful to establish that conventional medicine and alternative medicine will work side by side.


Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is considered unique as it provides comprehensive information about different treatment strategies including conventional medicine, homeopathy, herbal treatment, acupressure, dietary treatments, vitamins, mineral recommendations, aromatherapy and prevention. It is quite difficult to find all of this different information in a single book. The book describes about 348 different medical conditions. Alternative therapies such as CPR, relaxation techniques, breast self-help exams are also described in the book. Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is certain to help you to find the proper medication for any disease, irrespective of whether it is a chronic or not.


The major advantage of the book, Smart Medicine For Healthier Living, is its reliability of information as it was written by a qualified team of experts, namely Janet Zand, ND, OMD, LAc, Allan N. Spreen, MD, CNC and Dr. James B. LaValle, RPh, DHM, ND, CCN. The authenticity of the information is well proved as they are experts in their respective fields; Zand practices naturopathy, Spreen practices conventional medicine and LaVelle is a pharmacist. Apart from the informational significance, the well descriptive nature of the book is also worth mentioning because it helps for any layman to gather medicinal information. The authors have provided a wide range of treatment options for a single disease, which enables the patient to choose the right treatment according to his/her conditions and convenience.


Smart Medicine For Healthier Living is divided into three parts. The first part of the book details the different medicinal systems including their merits, uniqueness and effectiveness. The second part describes the medicinal remedies for the different diseases starting with athlete’s foot and ending with vertigo, including some serious diseases such as Diabetes, Hepatitis, HIV, Cirrhosis, Osteoporosis, Meningitis, and Fibromyglia. The separate treatment strategy of each specialty is described in detail for each disease including the dosage requirements. The description included in the book about the mechanism of action of the medicine against each disease is informative as well as interesting. The third part of the book describes the method of preparation such as herbal remedies and test details.


In brief, the book, Smart Medicine For Healthier Living, is the handheld reference for any medical ailment. It will be able to guide you to the appropiate remedy through accurate and comprehensive information about different treatment strategies. It can be resourced for most of the common diseases such as allergies, insomnia, stress, and heartburn. It also gives awareness about the treatment strategy for serious diseases as well. The book, Smart Medicine For Healthier Living with its unbiased approach and detailed styling ensures to offer you with the best remedy for whatever disease ails you.